Yucatan. Peninsula full of treasures


Yucatan own governor, and for a time even functioned as an independent country. Even in the nineteenth century was known for his rebellion Yucatan Maya, who – as the descendants of the proud lords of this land befits – fought for its independence from visitors from distant Europe. In the same century in Yucatan noticed the extraordinary richness that could provide … agave. Used in the production of sustainable fibers being provided worthy inhabitants of the peninsula, and the plantations have become an important part of the local landscape. For decades, the Yucatan is also developing as a tourist region, and both lost Mayan city and seaside resort, are a frequent target of travelers from all over the world.

Merida. The capital of the Yucatan
For more than 500 years is the most important city on the peninsula, and its beauty (mainly nineteenth – century) construction makes them look it tours here with pleasure. Merida boasts numerous attractions. It was in this city, you can see the oldest Mexican cathedral. There is also enough impressive buildings of the palace. The most interesting include the former bishop’s palace, which now houses a museum of paintings and the governor’s palace, where today the Yucatan state government in office. The house formerly belonging to one of the local growers while housed a museum that presents the history of the Mayan beauty and their beliefs and culture.

Yucatan and its historical treasures
Long and rich history of the peninsula you can learn best in those places where the Mayans lived centuries ago. Their city, full of stately mansion ruins and temples are the most valuable monuments of Mexico. Mayan city are popular, and one of the most popular include Uxmal, known primarily for its beautiful Palace of the Governor and the Pyramids soothsayer. During the visit to this peninsula is necessary to also visit the oldest and largest of all Mayan cities. It is the Chichen Itza – known center of the temple of the god – snake cuckoo, the Temple of the Warriors and the Holy Well.

Coastal Places
Both on the coasts of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, you can find many beautiful beaches, fashionable resorts and sympathetic port cities. The Gulf of Mexico is distinguished by the city of Campeche, known for its well-preserved walls built centuries ago because of frequent pirate attacks.
Campeche, though it is a lovely city, but lose in the competition with these resorts, which are located on the waters of the Caribbean Sea. One of the most special places of relaxation is surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, Isla Mujeres, or Island of Women. The charming island is known for its beautiful beaches and beautiful coral reefs that attract divers here from around the world. But the most famous enjoys the Yucatan Cancun – a summer resort with a high level, which tempts with warm water and covered with white sand beaches.

Travel to Mexico and the Yucatan alone can make a lot of problems for tourists who want to make the trip. Those who do not feel up to the tour on a large scale may, however, take advantage of the organized tours. Direction Mexico has become increasingly popular and attractive travel agencies tempt programs and convenience of sightseeing.


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