When progress destroys health


The new millennium is the age of convenience, career and development as an individual. We hurry to start a family and live in a house with a garden. We prefer to educate yourself, earn money, include showers, but for the benefit of knowledge. We do everything to as early as possible to stand up to the rat race, which undoubtedly becomes the domain of twenty-first century.

Making career has its advantages: we become confident, more attractive professionally and privately, we can boast of their own apartment or cottage in the mountains, fulfill their dreams of traveling. However, there is a financial resourcefulness and a dark side. Diseases of civilization, and therefore due to the development of civilization, closely related to the momentum to improve the material existence. In what way? It’s a chain reaction. We want to have more, and thus work more. Overtime, bringing work home, forgoing leave of their own volition, the inability to rest in your spare time, or irrational nutrition associated with the eternal lack of time, it is often the proverbial nail in the coffin, in which close their health.

In addition, one of the side effects of the rat race is stress. And this really is sometimes deadly – the body permanently treated with it, sooner or later strike. Chronic headaches, mental disorders, poor immunity, and finally – a heart attack and stroke, are just some of the effects of stress. To this list should also include cancer. Prolonged stress wave flowing, has a negative impact on the functioning of the immune system and the body’s defense mechanisms to fight cancer cells. This is probably sufficient reason to consider whether not fallen into the trap of money and convenience at the expense of health.


Diseases of our age are mainly type II diabetes (insulin dependent), obesity, hypertension and heart disease. In fact, however, it is difficult to call it a disease units, functioning more as a team, in which the first violin plays obesity, or obesity, for which the BMI is over 30.
Obesity is not just a matter of unsightly appearance, it also increased the risk and danger:

– Hypertension
– Type II diabetes
– Heart diseases (including heart attack and wieńcówką)
– Flooding
– Atherosclerosis
– Cholelithiasis
– Tumors (e. Colorectal cancer, esophagus)

As you can see, all the illnesses and diseases of civilization (hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity, heart disease) are closely related, and one result of the second. Hypertension contributes to the recurrent heart problems, significantly increases the risk of myocardial infarction or coronary artery disease. In contrast, high cholesterol (often with substantial overweight) leads to degenerative changes of the veins, or atherosclerosis. This in turn affects the formation of varicose veins, which can cause life-threatening venous congestion and ischemia.
If, in addition, we also overweight sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and use are under stress, we have a pretty good chance that caught our type II diabetes. Doctors are reporting that this insidious disease is affecting more and more people, often without even knowing! Hence the importance of regular testing and control blood sugar, especially if the aforementioned. reasons are at risk.
There are, of course, disease and illness unrelated to obesity, which in recent years take the epidemiological dimension. The best examples are all kinds of allergies and … depression.
Pollution, industrial development, modern, sterile clean apartment, in a word – human development, contributed to the alarming number of incidence (30-40% of the population) for various allergies. Ubiquitous chemicals and vigorous fight against bacteria deregulate our immune system, which fights against harmless substances (eg. Protein, nuts, medicines, animal hair) causing allergic reactions. “Coddled” under sterile conditions is often a child with an allergy adult.
On the other hand, is often depressed so that the more material goods we have, the more spectacular career we do, the more “sick” because of loneliness, failed relationships and social alienation. A considerable sum in the account is not a sports car to reward us for the lack of heat or family ties. Additionally careerists often obsessive perfectionists who are constantly dissatisfied with himself and painfully experiencing even the smallest failure. The World Health Organization raises the alarm. According to estimates, in 2020, which is the second death in each age group will just cause depression. For this reason, it is difficult not to recognize this disease as a true reaper twenty-first century.

Advancing HEALTHY

Treatment of diseases of civilization is primarily preventive and change negative habits. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle, improper diet – it’s the habits that we should reduce, and even eliminate! Pass anything expensive medications and expensive treatments abroad. If we do not help ourselves, no money will be consuming us a remedy for the disease. So let’s get straight to the action:

• Shedding smoking
• We limit alcohol and caffeine
• We care about physical activity – sports, daily walk, exercise
• Move to a healthy, reasonable diet
• Limit the sugars and fats, give up junk food
• We study regularly and do not ignore symptoms, Let us not take it drugs on the “hit and miss”
• We try to reduce the level of stress, eg. by relaxing hobby or being in a group of friends
• Get enough sleep and rest effectively
• Once in a while we load the batteries out of town, in the nature
• Do not ashamed to return the problem a psychologist / psychiatrist
• We take care of family ties
• We look forward to life

It’s just a simple recommendations on the implementation of which become each of us. If, for example. Throw burning, saved (considerable!) Money we spend on Nordic walking, pass to the gym or the pool. Instead of sweets, Let ‘s get healthy snacks, such as. Nuts or fruit. Any dispute solve through constructive and rational discussion, not arguing and shouting. And most of all – let’s respect for your body to have the strength to face the progress of civilization.


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