What to eat in the winter to survive it in good shape?


What to eat during the winter to survive it in a good health?

Winter is a time when our organism experiences a “shock”. Short days and droppings of the temperature result in weakening the immunity, worsening the mood and irritation. Can those problems be resolved? One of the easiest ways of helping yourself is a proper diet.

During the winter period, the organism needs more energy, and therefore more food, to get the stock needed to keep itself warm. The physical activities are not preferable during winter. The days are shorter and the cold discourages us from spending time outside. Therefore, it is easy to gain weight. We should stay away from all kinds of unhealthy snacks, hamburgers, chips, cookies and sweets. I am not saying to reduce them to zero. Chocolate provides a lot of energy to the organism, is a source of magnesium and has a positive influence on our mood. However, it is important not to “overdose” it. Buying your favorite cookies in smaller boxes is a good idea. We can satisfy our appetite for them without overeating. It is worth replacing pretzels or other snacks with peanuts and seeds. They are full of vitamins and mineral nutrients.

You cannot forget about vegetables and fruits during winter. Despite the unfavorable climate conditions, access to them is not as hard as you might think. It is worth eating them because they are an irreplaceable source of vitamins and they increase the immunity to various infections.

Fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, red pepper, garlic, celery, oranges and bananas contain the vitamins A, C and E which increase the immunity of the organism and positively influence our metabolism. It is worth eating salads to vary our everyday meals. A salad from a sour cabbage, which is particularly rich in vitamin C, is perfect during this period of time. Apart from that, salads help with keeping a slim figure, they are stodgy and contain very small amount of calories. Fruit, apart from eating them raw, can be consumed as a juice. A juice from black currant or raspberry has extremely positive influence on our immune system.

We cannot forget about the mineral nutrients, especially about the iron. Its deficiency can result in anemia because it is an important element of the hemoglobin. It makes us feel tired, weakened, our mood is worse and our immunity decreased. With the addition of a grey weather outside, the lack of this component result in us having trouble enduring the winter. It is important to eat meat and animal products, such as cheese, eggs and milk to replenish the iron deficiency. Liver is also rich in this element. The vegetables also contain iron. The rule is simple – green vegetables, such as spinach, parsley, broccolie and kale, contain the largest amount of iron. Zinc is an equally important element. Its deficiency have a negative impact on our immune system. Cheese, buckwheat, peanuts and liver are rich in this element.

Honey is an another example of the product that positively influences our mood and health. Apart from the amazing taste, it strengthens the immune system providing substances which inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms. The honeydew, lime and buckwheat honey have the best influence on organism. It is important to remember to eat it, if possible, in its pure form. It cannot be heated to the temperature above 50 degrees Celsius because it looses its healing properties.

Our organism satisfies the increased energy demand caused by low temperatures mainly with carbohydrates. We need to eat complex carbohydrates which can be found mainly in potatoes, porridge and whole wheat bread. The time of their digestion is longer, so the organism receives the energy for a longer period of time. Thanks to that, it does not feel hunger and we do not feel the need to snack so often. Buckwheat should especially be a regular element of our diet because it is rich in vitamins B and PP and minerals like: iron, magnesium and potassium.

During the winter, it is worth making sure that there is plenty of fish (freshwater as well as saltwater ones) in our diet.They are rich in nutrients, vitamins B and D and selenium. This microelement is an important building block of the immunological cells. Fish provide healthy, unsaturated fats which positively influence our metabolism and protect us from the cold weather.

And since we talk about the cold weather, we better warm ourselves up. In this situation some of us reaches for the alcohol. However, it is not a good idea. A behavior like that should be avoided. We only think that we have been warmed up by the alcohol. It works the other way around. It expands the blood vessels causing the organism to cool faster. It is also a source of empty calories, especially when you drink beer or vodka. A cup of hot broth or beetroot soup is a significantly better solution. Many spices, such as ginger, cardamom or nutmeg will also warm us up during the winter colds.

Winter is not so scary. A properly balanced diet will allow us to endure the frosty days in good


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