What NOT to do when you lose weight?


In the era of lean body worship internet until bursting at the seams with tips on what to do in order to successfully lose weight. However, few where you can find the answer to the question of what NOT TO DO during weight loss. Knowing what to do to lose weight, powinneś also need to know what to avoid. This knowledge will be useful not only because, in order to avoid wasting time and money on ineffective use of methods, but also in order to not harm their own body. See what you should avoid to get the dream figure:

1. Do not starvation.

Many people still believe that the restriction limiting the amount of food intake or worse, the use of more and more fashionable fasting is a good way to lose weight. Nothing could be further from the truth! Starving the body sooner or later begin to apply for your, what effects will be difficult to control hunger pangs. Even if you have a strong will and are able to control myself when I catch you “bulimia”, then you will not gain anything. Your metabolism will slow starvation diet so that later increasing the amount of daily calories, dropped pounds will come back to you like a boomerang.

2. Do not exercise vigorously.

It is common belief commonly that to lose weight you need to be sure to practice intensively. Nonsense! Of course, strenuous exercise will make you start to lose the calories consumed, and thus fat, but frequent running, cycling or exercise at the gym will help to expand the muscles. So if you want to get the figure “butterfly” and not a bodybuilder, you better go for less demanding exercises such as stretching or yoga.

3. Do not limit the number of meals per day.

One of the major mistakes when dieting is to reduce the daily amount of food you eat. Meanwhile, the daily minimum to maintain the pace of metabolic processes at the appropriate level to 3 meals a day. So the logical conclusion is that in order to speed up your metabolism you need to increase, rather than reduce the number of meals throughout the day. Of course, you have to keep in mind while having a good balance of calories.

4. Do not give up on carbohydrates.

Recently a lot of hear about reducing the amount of food a diet of carbohydrates to protein. Error! Carbohydrates in the diet is the foundation of every human being. By limiting the amount below the daily minimum you can expect that it will still be difficult to walk behind you to control craving for “something sweet”. In addition, the carbohydrates are “fuel” for the human brain. So if you work or study every day, the more you should not give them up.

5. Do not say “no” fats.

Slimming = eliminate fat from your diet? No! Of course, not wanting to lose weight fats can exaggerate, but you can also opt out of them completely. Why? For a simple reason: doing so you contracted a considerable shortage of vitamins A, D, E and K, which are soluble, and thus absorbed into the body, but in the presence of fats. Having a meal knowing, for example, the addition of carrots (source m. In. Of vitamins A and E) enrich it a product that contains a fat.

6. Do not get monotonous.

Dieter people tend to frequent duplication of their meals. Most often it ends up that bored eating the same thing over throw your diet at the sight of a favorite treat. To avoid this situation, you need to diversify your diet. If you do not have an idea on what to eat and how to prepare a meal – see the online rules.

7. Do not believe the advertised diet supplements.

Do not be fooled by the advertised miracle pills, which the manufacturer guarantees fast weight loss without any sacrifices. In most cases, it is called. “Pic on water”, which instead of you slim down your wallet odchudzi only.

8. Do not snacking between meals.

One cookie here, a second cookie there, and calorie balance grows. Many people, being on a diet believes that small snack during the day will not hurt, and yet it may be that it cost a lot of calories. Besides these minor transgressions often lead to a crisis of willpower, resulting in slimming a person resigns from the diet.

9. Do not buy products “light”.

If you think that the products “light” will help you lose weight healthily then you are wrong. Products with the word “light” normally are characterized in that the low fat content therein is offset by a high sugar content, or vice versa. This is nothing more than a mere marketing ploy, which can be to catch people who do not read the information on the labels.

10. Do not forget about breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Those who forget about it or quit it consciously, can expect that sooner or later will catch their hunger as a result of which they eat more during the day. As it is the most important meal – remember that in order to compose it well!

It was a list of the 10 most popular mistakes made by those who are on a diet. You already know what to beware of wanting to lose weight, so now there is nothing else like you adhere to these 10 golden rules!


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