What delight Polish national parks?


National Parks are designed to nature conservation and promotion of knowledge about the natural values ​​of the region. There are also unique attractions for those tourists who travel during the holiday they want to fully explore the beauty of nature. What national parks can enthrall Poland? Here is a small tourist guide for those who want to spend holidays exploring the beauty of native wildlife and hearing the most beautiful national parks in Poland. Which of them deserve special attention

Queen of the Beskids and its natural attractions
Covering the massif of Babia Gora national park is one of the most interesting parks in Poland. It can admire the beautiful vegetation and extraordinary views. This is not only an important national park, but also a biosphere reserve – one of many on the list of UNESCO. What so impresses Babiogórski National Park? Unique attractions in the area is missing. Admire and beautiful peaks and picturesque lakes landslide. Rich is the world of plants, among which there are unique alpine species. You can see a lot of interesting species of lichens and vascular plants. The animal world is rich, and the biggest attraction is emerging in the area of ​​Babia Góra birds of prey. Eagles and buzzards are frequent visitors here. A dense network of hiking trails that makes the park you can safely wander, savoring its historic charm. The amount of Babia Góra makes reigns here quite harsh climate, with which they face wandering the grounds of the park visitors. It happens that the big problem turns out to be mountain, commonly associated with the Tatras. Babia mountain is also the unique folklore and culture. To get to know her better worth stopping in places like Zawoja or Zubrzyca top.

In the land of the bison
Bialowieza National Park is another important wildlife refuge in Poland. Inseparable from bison and giant forest complexes, is one of the most important areas in the Polish border with Belarus. You can see a unique Bison Breeding Centre and headquartered palace park directorates and natural museum. Here is a very rich flora, which will enchant you with primeval forests, but also a number of fungi, lichens and rare species of vascular plants. In the world of animals (except bison) should mention wolves, lynx and beaver. To this must be added more than 100 species of birds, among which is the black stork and many species of woodpeckers.

Meeting with moose
Those who dream of meeting with the elk, a visit to the Biebrza National Park. His most valuable piece is a nature reserve “Red Marsh”, although notable sites is much more. This is not surprising, since the Biebrza valley has long wabiła wildlife scientists and researchers. Bogs and moraines are the most characteristic features of the landscape, beautifully presented in the Biebrza flows through the park. Alder forests and natural plant communities is another attraction of this park. Stand here fens, which occupy a lot of areas in the Biebrza Valley. The most important inhabitant of the park is the moose, but you can meet other forest animals and beavers and badgers. Very rich is the world of birds that are represented here by almost 300 species. Because of its natural and landscape values, the areas of the park are frequented by tourists. Waiting for them, not only related to the nature of things, but the precious memories of the former inhabitants of the Biebrza valley. Noteworthy here Augustow Canal and Osowiec fortress that once defended the borders of the Russian Empire.

The Land of the Wolf
Bieszczady National Park is the kingdom of the wolf and unique pastures. Poland is the only place where you can enjoy nature characteristic of the eastern areas of the Carpathians. Great pastures: Caryńska and Wetlińska, charming Tarnica socket – this is the greatest attractions of this park. Here is rich flora and fauna. There are numerous birds of prey, also appear lynxes and wolves. Wildcats, otters and badgers are the next residents of the park that raise huge interest. Great interest is the serpent of Aesculapius, which is the largest reptile in Central Europe.
Bieszczady is not only a wonderful nature, but also locals. Bieszczady tempt churches and the big attraction is the local wąskotorówka. Natural history museums and learning centers, numerous hiking trails – all this makes the Bieszczady National Park may surprise his wealth and attractiveness.

The Tuchola Forest
Known for Struga Seven Lakes National Park “Tucholskie” is one of the most beautiful forests in Europe. This area attractive not only because of natural, but also the landscape. You can meet here with the beaver, you can also enjoy the rare lichens. Tuchola is also unique Kashubian culture and well-adapted to the needs of tourists network of hiking trails. There is also enough gems of ancient architecture, with whom you can meet in Wdzydze Kiszewskie min.

In the Land of salamanders
Salamander became a symbol of the Gorce National Park – one of the most interesting mountain parks in the Malopolska province. Here tempted Turbacz and other peaks whose slopes are covered with forests. Gorce also tempt meadows, where you can see very interesting plants. In the area of ​​this park is particularly rich world of insects, but the most popular are amphibians – including the symbolic salamander. There is also an newts, including a very rare Carpathian newt.

Mountains like tables
Table Mountains National Park is one of the biggest attractions on the ground Kłodzko. The proximity of the well-known, Lower Silesia resorts and picturesque scenery have made this area has long gained enormous recognition. Enjoys great success and Szczeliniec Great Rock Mushrooms, also arouse great interest Errant Rocks. Here you can enjoy the most beautiful rock formations in Lower Silesia. Table Mountains beckon and beautiful vegetation and deserves special attention here floristic reserve “Big Torfowisko Batorowskie”. Beautifully presented the animal world, in which the leaders are beetles and snails.

The Vistula proglacial
In the area of ​​the Vistula meltwater can enjoy the park, which is a natural gem Mazowieckie voivodship. It Kampinoski National Park, also known as green wages Warsaw. In this area, you can enjoy the fascinating plant communities, including bogs and swamps. There is no shortage here and dunes, which are a nice variety to the local landscape. In the animal world, deserve special attention beavers and badgers and birds: cranes, eagles and black storks. The most attractive resident moose park, however, is that sometimes lures in their travels up to the outskirts of Warsaw.

Unusual Giant
Karkonosze National Park is the pride of Lower Silesia and place frequented by lovers of hiking. You can admire the magnificent glacial boilers and unusual rock formations. Beautiful vegetation and rich animal world is another advantages of this park. There is no lack of glacial relicts and species characteristic of the high mountains. One of the greatest natural attractions here is relict snail, known as poczwarówka Alpine. You can see him only in the area of ​​Little Snow Cauldron.

A visit to the Low Beskid
The park occupies a small area, but may impress their attractions. Magura National Park, situated on the edge of Malopolska and Podkarpacie, includes the massif of Magura Wątkowska with Wisłoka sources. It’s the most beautiful areas so beautiful mountain group, which is the Low Beskid. On its site, you can admire the interesting species of plants, but the animals attract the most attention. Magura National Park is an important refuge for lynx and wild cat, you can also find here the raccoon dog. Noteworthy also newts and salamanders, and toads Gniewosz mountain. Many attractions are also waiting in the valleys, and deserve special attention wooden churches Lemko.

In the valley of the Narew
Existing in the region of Podlasie Narew National Park is known for its numerous oxbow lakes and wetlands. As a result, there prevailing conditions favor błotnemu water-fowl, making the area a park paradise for ornithologists. Other important Narew Valley residents are beavers and otters threatened, sometimes you can meet and elk. Valley itself is extremely attractive for lovers of beautiful nature and beautiful views.

In the heart of the Jura
Within the Cracow-Częstochowa Upland he is the most popular among tourists. Paternal National Park is well known for its picturesque rocky island mountains, caves and two castles: the Fathers and Pieskowa. Insects and bats are the most important of all the animals living in the threnody park. In the world of plants Ojcowa areas may, in turn, of an extremely rich collection of mosses, fungi and lichens. It is a paradise for hikers, which enjoy several hiking trails.

The beauty of nature Pieniny
Picturesque Pieniny is a rich world of plants and animals that enjoy the beautiful scenery of the eyes of tourists wandering upon the mountains. Sam Pieniny National Park is one of the most interesting wildlife refuges in Malopolska. Familiar with the Three Crowns and the Dunajec Gorge can admire the rich world of insects and butterflies. Delight Pieniny meadows and grasslands rock, which are a great treat for tourists wandering through the Pieniny – naturalists.

Magic Polesie
Polesie National Park is a land of beautiful lakes, swamps and bogs. In this beautiful scenery of the lack of exceptional natural attractions and sightseeing, next to which it is difficult to pass by. One of the most important inhabitants of the park is a pond turtle, interestingly presented here also the world of dragonflies, butterflies and beetles. Particularly noteworthy are the local birds, among which there are eagles, harriers, waders and cranes. In this magical land there are also historic manor houses and windmills, which can be seen in Polesie villages.

Natural attractions Mites
Mites scenic areas have already been recognized in the sixteenth century, when the first interest was the local nature. And although Roztoczański National Park was established only in 1974, nature protection in this area has a long tradition. Today, it is quite unique in the province of Lubusz, which became a symbol of Polish horses and beautiful forests. Admire and fir forests, and stunning Carpathian beech forest communities. This unique land that can delight any lover of nature.

Among dunes
Tempted by the beautiful dunes and interesting vegetation. Slowinski National Park is one of the biggest landmarks in the Baltic and the pride of Pomerania. It was in his area, you can admire the magnificent dunes – the biggest in Europe. There is no lack of interesting plants, among which stand out of grass and sand seaside fescue. Also there is a swampy heath, and near the lakes – typical peatland vegetation. The most interesting plants seaside holly stand out here and cloudberry, which here has its highest position in Poland. In the animal world leaders are waterfowl and mud, you can also find interesting species of birds of prey from the front at the head of an eagle.

The Holy Cross Mountains
Holy Cross National Park is mostly pine forests, boulder fields and numerous trails, allowing hiking in the mountains of the oldest Polish. Many lichens and bryophytes, rare species of vascular plants, and scenic debris on the slopes make this park a special place. It is also a land full of unusual sights, famous monastery of Holy Cross and memorabilia of the ancient mills.

Unusual Tatry
The highest mountains in Poland has long captivated his nature. Alpine scenery and glacial lakes are symbols of the Tatra National Park. There is no lack of plants and animals, which do not meet outside the Tatras. Chamois, marmots and beautiful mountain pine delight the lovers of nature, but also tourists wandering mountain trails. Nature, despite the development of tourism and many shelters in the Tatras is good, as you can see while hiking.

Around Lake Wigry
Wigierski National Park is first and foremost the Augustow Forest and one the most beautiful and deepest lakes in Poland. Lake Wigry, however, is not the only attraction here. Black River beckons Hancza, which is one of the most important routes for canoeing canoeing enthusiasts. Bogs and rare species of fern, deer, great cormorants and grebes are the most important ornaments of the park, which attracts nature lovers here from across the Polish.

On the island of Wolin
Wolin National Park encompasses the most valuable in terms of natural areas of the island of Wolin, which is losing its beautiful cliff coast. Not only does it deserves attention. Beautifully presented a glacial lake, around which you can see the huge boulders. Beautiful beech and so interesting plant species, such as honeysuckle and rare orchids make this park an important place for lovers of flora. Rich is also the world of animals, the most important role is played here by birds. You can find the mute swan and the white-tailed eagle. It is this powerful bird of prey is a symbol of the park. An excellent starting point to areas of the park are Miedzyzdroje, from which you can get in as attractive places like the Hill fodder or Turquoise Lake. In the same Międzyzdroje (which is located in the park management), waiting for a unique natural attraction. It is the Bison Exhibition Reserve, which is highly appreciated by tourists.

Nature of Wielkopolska
Known for its valuable monuments Greater may impress a beautiful, glacial landscape. Wandering around the grounds of the National Park is primarily a wonderful finger lakes and magnificent pine forests. In the world of animals are distinguished mainly fish and amphibians, among which deserves special attention natterjack toad and tree frog.

Natural attractions in the mouth of the river Warta
This young park can admire the beautiful backwaters and wonderful birds. National Park “Warta Mouth” is a paradise for bird watchers, who can observe here the black stork, terns, cranes and cormorants. These areas also liking the geese, including bean goose regarded as a symbol of the park and its biggest attraction.


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