What and how should we teach modern school, we were successful in the labor market?


The labor market is growing nowadays extremely rapidly. It is said that every man will be forced to change jobs at least several times, often to be inconsistent with the current education and professional experience. There has also been a significant change in the criteria for selecting potential employees by employers. What are the qualities required of us by the modern labor market? How the school should help the student develop desirable traits and skills?


Effective, efficient call requires the ability to carry it out. The formation and use of arguments is already problemem- modern school requires proving theses and views. The situation becomes more complicated when we conduct a conversation with the person on the other views than we do. If a man has not learned the difficult art of conversation, is reflected in his aggressive attitude to the caller and the irresistible desire to “win” over it. Reaching a compromise is often regarded as a failure because it has been forced to step up and try to change the views of the other person failed. This skill is the ability acquired, everyone is able to possess it. In what way? The classrooms can be heard all sorts of debates and discussions. Often, however, such that expresses a small part of the whole group. The others sit in their pews, not paying attention to the ongoing discussion and not trying to hear it.
“As long as I am quiet and not bother anyone, it is good.” The teacher’s task is to focus these students, their curiosity about the topic, encourage to speak in an interview whether the introduction of a system of rewards and penalties for not actively participate in the classes.


The ability to work in a group is currently one of the most important skills a worker is sought. Most of the work done in kilku- and sometimes kilkunastoosobowych teams. It is faster, more efficiently, more accurately. How do group work in school benches?
Imagine a sample group of students A, B, C and D, exercising command teacher. How do they work together?
A pupil has nothing to say on a given topic. Sitting next to a group, uninterested in what is happening around him.
The student B announces a leader and start a discussion. Talk about yesterday, reached the next level in the game or buy new equipment.
C. The student tries to hold a job, but soon gives up and is interested listener student B.
The student D, however, the last, trying to independently perform the task assigned to a group that just do not get a bad review or comments.
This scheme is very generalized, however, this distinction can be observed students in each classroom. It is obvious that such an operation does not evolve, in the young man the ability to present their ideas, listen to others, and fair, adequate to the abilities of each member of the group, the division of responsibilities. So what should I do? The key is the ability to self-control and discipline. Working on it, it is important from an early age man, with the help of parents and teachers in the early grades of elementary school. The ability to “self-policing” greatly facilitate cooperation in later years. How to achieve this? First of all conversation. Most of today’s children do not have to deal with the concept of discipline. Although willing to work and activities, waiting for the command teacher and do not do anything without his control. It is important to make them more aware that the teacher has to answer their questions and help you understand the material, and not strictly supervised or any of his students perform Referrals task.

Organization of work

Work nowadays more often has nothing to do with the foundation of the suit, the entrance to the office and leaving after 8 hours. Becoming popular telework (telecommuting), when working at home, and employers are sending only the results of our efforts. Though apparently it is easy, telework requires the ability to self-organization. Establishing your own schedule and hours of work, creating their own space, where we will be able to focus or computer science beyond the scope of podstawowy- are some of the actions needed to cope with teleworking.
Modern school does not make things any easier. Of course, the set hours of classes students are necessary, and so far, not spread to any other system of education. Workspace also organizes school. The problem is that the lesson follows a predetermined pattern by the teacher (who is forced to do so in order to have time to develop all of the extensive core curriculum). If the lesson begins to move in a different direction than is provided, the teacher must stop the argument of the disciples and return to the present materiału- there is no time to stir other topics. The order of the performance of the students is also imposed on them. The solution may be to leave more freedom to students in choosing course of action. If students are treated as adults, they will behave more maturely. For this reason, forcing young people to methods of execution of the command is not a suitable when students will not be required to work under so much pressure, their work will be more efficient.

Emotional intelligence

No less important problem today is the lack of people power over their own feelings. Sudden and unexpected bursts of euphoria or prevent the efficient operation of aggression. Besides, people have a tendency to feel only extreme emocji- or something we love, or hate. Without the knowledge of self-control over this is impossible. You can not achieve this skill alone, we need help. Who can help us? The answer is simple. Each school is required to employ at least one psychologist. This person should be open to students, ready to listen and guide them back on track. With the right knowledge and experience is able to identify the student, how can fix the mistake. The problem is the way in which young people perceive a conversation with a psychologist. Psychologists often refers in a very negative way. There are situations when a young man after a visit to a psychologist is spurned by their peers and, in extreme cases, considered to be a person having mental problems. You should quickly deal with this stereotype, encouraging students to apply to the school psychologist in the event of a serious problem. A good idea can also organize meetings with people involved in personal development. Often a conversation with him could lead to the discovery of their talents, gain knowledge about the operation of your own mind and emotions. Young people should also be made of the literature on this issue
(A good coach to recommend appropriate books) and learn how to be smart in their emotions.

Business Acumen

Entrepreneurship can be described as a set of characteristics that describe a particular way human behavior. Stands out:
dynamism, activity
risk aversion
the ability to adapt to changing conditions
perception and use of opportunities
innovation and motility

In short, entrepreneurship is the ability to constantly create “something new”. It is extremely valued by employers and extremely useful when trying to create their own business. The school, however, seems to ignore this issue. Learning entrepreneurship begins only in high school and lasts only a year. Does not rely on the formation of the characteristics of the entrepreneur. But teaches how to write a good CV, how to accompany taxes, as formally set up their own business (how to stay on the market, it is no longer valid). Shapes people on excellent employees, but not employers. Only a single, students interested in the subject of various books and the Internet-often unreliable sources wiedzy- their education on their own. Definitely should change the approach to the topic of entrepreneurship. In addition to the issues with the authorities, taxes or looking for a job to be a young man emerge qualities of a good entrepreneur. This task can help all kinds of games simulating the operation of the company, where you must first acquire adequate capital (m. In. The ground and skilled workers), and then sell at a profit made products. Such fun curious young people involved to act and force you to think like a businessman – while doing them so.

Professional ethics

The concept of professional ethics refers primarily to the ethical standards of the profession. Trying to describe the pattern bedded worker profession ethical goals, rules of conduct and common ethical conflicts that may arise in professional practice. Very often we find a very agresywną- attitude to earn as much as possible to minimize losses and lead to the collapse of the competition. This action brings only szkodę- discourages potential partners for cooperation halting development. It also prevents the work of the group, if only one person is trying to prove his superiority over others. The solution is the minimum weekly hours of ethics classes in school. Learn the types of scenarios so that the remaining assertive, do no harm to others, it is necessary and useful in life, both private and professional life.


Subject assertiveness is extremely large. In total, assertiveness is the ability to maintain a healthy balance to be neither submissive nor aggressive. Is also associated with confidence and courage, in an exaggerated their views and the ability to say “no”. In professional life situation requiring the employee’s particularly assertive attitude, is his relationship with the supervisor. Aggressive attitude will prevent cooperation, increase the distance between the employer and the employee or supervisor to force termination of cooperation. The employee also have met all the obligations, because by doing only the superior command and does not provide any constructive ideas, there is no contribution to the development of the company. Schools should teach assertive behavior from the very beginning. The classroom teacher is a kind of supervisor. If a student will be able to effectively, but also culturally to communicate with him, he should not have any problems in the future cooperation with the supervisor.

Make a few changes in the Polish education system, it may be necessary to effectively prepare young people for life in the modern world. However, it is more important to change the approach to the topic of education and realize that the school is not the only opportunity to gain knowledge and develop a. If a student shows willingness to learn and expand their capabilities, it is with the help of teachers and parents meet the challenges of the modern labor market.


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