Treasures of Oak Island


Oak Island treasure
The tiny island off the coast of Canada for nearly two hundred years grips the imagination treasure hunters. But the legendary treasure hidden in a network of underground tunnels, really exist?

Oak Island is located in the Bay Mahone Bay off the coast of Nova Scotia has long been notorious. Among the population of the neighboring islands had long been rumors about pirates, who had his camp there, with lights and sounds, which are coming on the night of the uninhabited island. Apparently local residents, who sailed to investigate the source, there has not returned …

These legends were not frightened but 17-year-old Daniel McGinnis, who sailed to the island in 1795, encouraged by stories of pirate treasures. He found something interesting. At the eastern end of the island saw a giant oak, whose branches hung with old winch from the ship. Under a tree was in recess, if anyone out there ever kicked. Daniel came back the next day with two friends and began digging, hoping to discover the treasure. At a depth of half a meter they found a layer of stones, the undersigned were decayed oak logs. There were a few feet deeper more wooden balls, by which no longer were able to break through.

Eight years later, they returned to search for friends, along with the entrepreneur Simeon Lynds. Gradually, they discovered another layer of oak logs at regular, three meter intervals. At a depth of 27 meters and encountered a stone slab with arousing excitement inscription: “12 meters below, there are two million pounds”. Workers seemed that the following is something hard, maybe wooden box. Work was postponed until the morning, the next day it turned out, however, that the shaft is completely filled with water. For nothing seemed to try to pump out the water level did not change. Prospectors returned to work a year later. Then dug a parallel shaft, which intended to get into the main shaft, called Shaft Money. This, however, did not succeed. And this shaft was flooded with water.

New entrepreneurs take the work in 1849, under the leadership of J. McCully’ego, who decided to cut off the water supply to the shaft. He stated that on the island there is a complex system of canals extending from the beach. Then built a dam and the water actually ceased to flow into the well. Then encountered a layer of “metal chips” and wood and clay. Under the clay were reportedly some crates and explorers were convinced that they came upon the legendary treasure. Then, however, a strong surge destroyed the dam and flooded the glass. The company could no longer afford to continue the search. Subsequent expeditions failed to find these boxes, and destroyed (widening hole and kicking the glass collateral) path to the alleged treasure.

In the years 1861-1864 expedition to the island to work Oak Island Company. At a depth of 68 meters found a piece of parchment with the letters V I. Later, however, there was a steam boiler exploded wypadku- used for pumping water. The company withdrew from the island.

In subsequent years, many attempts have taken the treasure mining. Your funds invested many wealthy businessmen here, as well as US President FD Roosevelt and the famous actor John Wayne. Nothing, however, was not discovered. Numerous expeditions have destroyed a lot of areas of the island, by digging wells and the use of explosives. Perhaps erased out a path to the treasure – some believe that the island is a system of signs arranged with stones and carved on trees. Some of them, however, was destroyed during the febrile excavations.

For some mysterious glass turned out to be a deadly trap. In 1965, four people were killed here, who fell into a pit filled with gas.

Today, the island belongs to a group of American businessmen and can not be visited.

What is hidden in the unfathomable network of tunnels? There are many hypotheses. The most popular talks about the treasures of pirates, other legendary treasure of the Knights Templar. After the abolishment of the order of 1307 years, it turned out that missing a few vessels belonging to the knights. According to some, they can take a boat to America, and this is where to hide their treasures. There are hypotheses about the treasures of the Vikings or the Carthaginians. The most original theory is that the underground hidden manuscripts of Shakespeare’s works. Some attribute the authorship of the works of Francis Bacon, who had lands near the Oak Island. Found a scrap of parchment could be part of the manuscript.

Skeptics, however, believe that … the whole story is a forgery. Report of the eighteenth-century discovery appeared in just one newspaper, “Liverpool Transcript” 1857. In contrast, the alleged discovery: a fragment of parchment, stone slabs long ago lost and do not know whether you really existed. Some even reject the hypothesis of the existence of hiding, arguing that the rocks that make up the island, are naturally porous and full of underwater caves, in connection with the flooding of wells does not necessarily imply the existence of a complex structure designed by man.

Are we treasure really existed? And if so, what it was and whether it is still hidden on Oak Island? Small island guards its secrets well and it is possible that these questions may never know the answer …


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