Toruń: a visit to the city of Copernicus in Poland


Toruń. A visit to the city of Copernicus.

The capital of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship is a willingly visited place for a reason. The city as beautiful as Toruń is certainly worth attention. It is located on the borderland of Chelminskie Lakeland and Toruń valley. The city is known for its history and magnificent buildings that are not likely to be ignored. At the beginning the city was connected to the Knights of the Order – and it still has an important role to play in the region. Many monuments make the tourism flourish here.

What is a must-see?
Most of the tourists start their city trip from the Old City Hall. And it is for a good reason as this part of the city is the oldest and it draws tourists’ attention with its buildings. The Copernicus monument and fountains are great decorations of the Old City, but people are most intrigued by the Hall. The tower of this magnificent building is a spectacular viewpoint. Everyone who shall decide to climb the peak of the tower will be able to see a beautiful panorama of Toruń. Additional attraction is the museum that is located in the building. People interested in medieval art won’t be disappointed. There are many stained-glass windows and old tray for baking gingerbreads. Another important monument that is definitely a must-see is the Artus Manor. This magnificent neo-renaissance building is in Toruń since the end of the XIX century. Under the Star Tenement is another monument located at the Old City Hall that is worth seeing. Its baroque facade is very interesting, and inside it one can admire a collection of masterpieces from the Far East. Toruń, however, is mainly associated with Copernicus. Thus, one can not miss the important part of the city trip, that is the house of Copernicus. It is an interesting example of middle-class Gothic and also a place of birth of one of the most famous Polish astronomers. Esken’s Palace is a noteworthy secular building, and its most distinguished feature is a renaissance portal. Ruins of the castle are a memory of the times of the Knights of the Order. Bent tower is another location that is worth going to while visiting Toruń.

Toruń can also amaze with its sacral monuments, especially the church of the Holy Virgin Mary which once belonged to the Franciscans. Inside it there are two interesting things to be found: a splendid gravestone of Anna Wazówna and a renaissance pulpit. Another building worth attention is the cathedral of Saint Johns, the building of which started in XIII century. One can find many sacral art monuments inside the cathedral.

Toruń, as one would expect of a tourism-oriented city, is very well managed in terms of tourism. There are many hotels and guest houses as well as extraordinary gastronomic points. Thus, one can spend time in a nice and pleasant way and the possibility of seeing its great monuments will certainly be a source of entertainment.


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