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If you are one of the people who finished high school and just like thousands of others do not know “what’s next”? then welcome to the club. You are not the only one having trouble with pinpointing your plans for the future.

I have just finished high school and I am in a fix. Most of my friends have already chosen their specialization – some of them will go abroad to their family, or work which they got thanks to knowing the right people. And I still do not know. And it is starting to be bothersome, not only for me but also to all my surrounding. My grandma, grandpa, friends, aunts, neighbors, parents’ neighbors, all of them without exception ask this hated by me question: “And where will you go for studies?” and then the next one: “How can you not know that to do next?”.
It is exhausting. Not only difficulty and disapproval towards your attitude but also awareness that it is, after all, this stage in my life when really important decisions have to be made. Of course I can always choose a specialization and then change it after a year when I will find out that this is not the right one for me. But then I don’t want to waste 5 years by choosing different things every year. Besides that, according to me the most difficult thing is to form your own goals and to specify who I want to be in the future. Perhaps it is not very innovative question and to be honest it impudently reminds me elementary school when I was asked the same thing.

The amusing thing is that at that time everything seemed to me less complicated and I confidently answered: a singer. Today it is more difficult. People say: think what you would like to do in life and go down that path. But what if this path turns out to be completely unprofitable? It is commonly thought that money do not bring happiness. But today I am not the same little girl and I know well that in this materialized world there is nothing that cannot be bought with money, even your health. I do not know if it is a good or a bad thing and I try not to think about it too much because sometimes it gives me a headache. However this is the reality.

I, you and thousands of others like us are living in this reality. If I for example said to my mother who tells me every day that she will accept my every choice that instead of becoming a computer scientist I want to be the next Beyonce, I highly doubt that she would take me seriously. Perhaps if I had influential daddy, my voice could be somehow modified and I would make my dream come true (not to offend the singers with famous fathers of course because it does not always prove correct). Anyway this example shows that an adult life is not always about making dreams come true. Of course you can do it, as long as they are not too unreal and they do not collide with choosing a good job. Let us summarize then:
I do not go abroad, I stay in Poland, after the high school I have very little (almost none) chance of getting a good job which satisfies me and so I have to go for studies.

How to choose a specialization? The right choice is of course a specialization after which I have a big chance to find a job (are there any of them left?), so if my dream is to study history but nowadays for one position of a history teacher there are 5 candidates so if I am a reasonable girl, I will not follow this idea. Therefore I will choose a different specialization, maybe a one that will be a little less interesting and more difficult, all in all five years is not forever and I have to think about the future. I can always study history part-time, for fun (for money). Yes, in my opinion it is better to pick something which we like lesser but will provide us better perspectives than something which we find pleasant but does not guarantee a stable financial situation in a few years.

To tell the truth, I guess there never is a guarantee. Only the percent of the chances is increasing. Let us not fool ourselves; we can do something we like after the work: be a volunteer, give private lessons in history, sing at an urban festive. Money is important in life; having something to eat, buying medicines, perhaps even one day granting our children’s wishes, with the cost of our own. Is it much? I cannot tell that. For now I am also still a child and I know that my parents would give me everything they have if they could, so I presume that in a few years I will be prepared to do the same for my children, therefore I need to have means to make their wishes come true. That is why I know that the important thing is to make a choice where I will be pleased with the results over the long years, even with the cost of a few years of struggle at the university.

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