Thailand – Pattaya


Thailand – Pattaya
Pattaya, along with Bangkok, is the most often visited city in Thailand in terms of the number of tourists from all around the world. The highest standard, beautiful weather, around the clock entertainment filled with sex, characteristic atmosphere, multitude of interesting and exotic places make Pattaya the hottest resort of the Gulf of Thailand. The city is lively day and night. This is a perfect place for demanding vacationers. It is said that you either love it or hate it.

During the day.

Although in the 80s Pattaya, quite deservingly, earned the reputation of the “nest of debauchery”, the authorities of the region are gradually changing its image to be more family-friendly. Beside hundreds of discos and night clubs, Pattaya also offers museums, temples, unusual monuments, botanical gardens, national parks, islands with turquoise waters and beautiful beaches, great variety of restaurants, eating-houses, pubs and accommodation for every pocket. At the same time, wide range of water sports attracts the tourists who enjoy water skiing, diving in the underwater world, sailing or surfing. In the vicinity of the most popular Jomtiem beach there is a water park with a few pools and slides. Just above them, there is a rotating restaurant with a view at the sea. The rest of the tourists are attracted by parachuting, paintball, Thai box, cycling, marathons, golf fields or simply shopping. For the less active people, there are visits to elephants’ village, orchid plantation or relaxation on the beach where you can always buy fried shrimps, fresh fruit or you can simply order a relaxing foot massage.

During the night.
Walking Street – the neon above the entrance to the promenade which begins the journey to entertainment, luxurious attractions and sex business. Go-go clubs, cabarets, erotic massages saloons, karaoke bars and discos open already at the afternoon hours. As the time goes by, there is more and more ladyboys and prostitutes tempting with their charms on the streets. Dressed practically only in sexy underwear and high heels, they dance on poles inviting to enter or they walk on the streets accosting the tourists directly.

Pattaya is the world’s capital of sex tourism. Male and female sex workers are literally everywhere – at bars, on streets, beaches, promenade. For the right price almost every Thai woman is a call girl. And despite prostitution being illegal in Thailand, nobody seems to do anything about it, because there exists loopholes in the law that seem to regulate this business. It is strange, but it is true.

Pattaya cannot be considered a quiet and peaceful resort with tourists wishing for relax among the tropical landscapes. Here, above all you can expect a great fun at every hour of day and night.


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