Tenerife. The charm of insular attractions.


It is the biggest and most preferably visited island of all the Canary Islands. The first tourists already appeared there in XIX century. Today Tenerife is one of the most important touristic regions in the world.
What attractions await for the tourists on this island?
What really needs to be seen here?
Are vacations on Tenerife a good solution for a fan of beaches and water sports?

Certainly the most important city on this island (and at the same time its capital) deserves our attention. It is Santa Cruz de Tenerife – a place where an atmosphere typical for Spain can be felt. Here you can get to know the history and culture of the ancient habitants of the Canary Islands. Getting this knowledge is easier with the help of the exposition in the local Archaeological Museum. You can see magnificent residences from XVIII century as well as gardens full of flowers. Puerto de la Cruz is also the important city. It is a health resort known already in XIX century. A beautiful lagoon and terrace complex was built especially for the tourists. There the guests can sunbathe in very good conditions. The big attraction nearby Puerto is a subtropical park „Loro Parque” known from its flamingos, parrots and aquariums with sharks.

Tenerife can also amaze with a beautiful city such as La Laguna. It is a religious capital of the island, which plays an important role in the habitant’s culture. It is a city of an amazing atmosphere, known from its antique tenement houses and Santa Catalina monastery. The big attraction is also the early XX century cathedral where many interesting paintings from the XVI century can be admired. The oldest church in the city is also worth seeing. It is the church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary build in the XV century.
There is another interesting place in the center of the island. It is a town called La Orotava, which is known from its picturesque location and aged buildings. The famous Casa de los Balcones (Houses with Terraces) became one of its symbols. A long time ago the wooden terraces surrounded the interior yard of the local residences. Many of them amaze even today and they have become a special attraction for the tourists sightseeing the city. An Orotava valley is another place which has to be seen while being there. It is considered to be one of the most splendid places on Tenerife when nature is taken into account.

Another place where you can meet an extraordinary wildlife is Las Canadas national park, from where you can easily get to La Orotava. The Teide volcano is tempting as well. You can climb on in on you own, or take a ropeway. For scientists, a Cactus Park could be a great attraction. It is believed to contain the biggest cactus collection in the world.
There is another town on this island which can fascinate. It is Candelaria, known from the wondrous Virgin Mary figurine. Today the basilica with the copy of this figurine is often the destination of many pilgrimages. Candelaria itself is one of the most important pilgrimage centre on all Canary Islands.

On Tenerife it is also worth visiting a town called Tacoronte. It is known from its wine production and the statue if Jesus Christ which have been worshiped already in the XVII century. A dynamically expanding Bajamar resort also deserves attention. Los Christianos (which not so long ago was only a little fishing settlement) is also a popular resort on Tenerife.
For those who require peace and private atmosphere a good place for vacation would be a fishing village called El Abrigo, with a very picturesque Costa del Silencio (the Coast of Silence). A mountain village called Masca pleases the eye from afar. Not so long ago the only way to get there was only on the mules back. Today it tempts with its atmosphere those tourists to whom a rest on the beach is not as important as the possibility of discovering the insular culture and tradition.


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