Szczecin and around the land of castles and lakes


What can enthrall tourists Pomerania? The highlights of this are many. During the tour of this part of the Polish one can see a lot of interesting castles and towns tantalizing historical buildings. May be particularly attractive in this respect be around Szczecin Szczecinek. In this area attractions can be found almost everywhere. There is no shortage of great places here and that can enthrall a unique landscape. It is also a land of dream-Western Pomerania for tourists – naturalists. What you have to see in this part of Polish? What can admire around Szczecin? Here is a small guide for those who are planning trips to the region.

The most beautiful city in Western Pomerania
Among the greatest cities in the region is Szczecin. It is tempting magnificent castle and an interesting urban buildings. City Hall and the historic buildings on the market are the most interesting examples of Baroque architecture. Szczecin is also full of exceptional collections of the Maritime Museum and a well-known Shafts Brave. Guests can also visit the local cathedral and housed at the Museum of the Archdiocese. Second city, which can not be overlooked is the Stargard. A well-known monument is the town hall here, also preserved in fairly good condition old walls. Thanks to them, the city retains its historic character, and walk its streets can be transformed into a unique history lesson. A beautiful city that delights not only has great architecture, but also beneficial to health microclimate is Polczyn-Zdroj. It’s an interesting place – one of the most beautiful we can be proud of Pomerania. During the tour of the resort is a must to visit the market and well maintained spa park full of rare shrubs and plants. You can also discover the same Szczecinek, which in addition to the castle you can look at the observation tower and learn about interesting collections in the local museum.

Castles Western Pomerania
In addition to the castles located in major cities of Western Pomerania tourists waiting for a number of buildings in a slightly lesser-known destinations. Each of them is a valuable monument and a wonderful example of ancient architecture. An interesting object can boast min. small Pęziono, which preserves the castle which belonged to the Knights of St. John. An interesting castle can also boast Świdwin. In Szczecinku also can see an interesting castle, whose oldest part is the Knight’s house in the early seventeenth century. Picturesque ruins of the castle can boast Stare Drawsko, which slowly transforms into a popular summer resort.

Western Pomerania for naturalists
For nature lovers there is an important place Glinn, which is wonderful Arboretum. Gathered in the many interesting trees and shrubs from all over the world, and this collection is considered one of the finest in Poland. Attractive in terms of place and natural, and scenic Valley of the Five Lakes is often also called the Switzerland Połczyńska. At this point begins the Drava river, known and respected as one of the best rivers for canoeing organizations. A lot of scenic spots also waiting for tourists in the area Czaplinka which owes its fame favorable location between two lakes.

Surroundings bristles are certainly attractive to tourists . Excellent management and accommodation, which may be found without problems make tourism in this part of Western Pomerania is unfolding perfectly. This is not surprising. Historical and natural wealth of this land can certainly impress.


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