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People more often change tires from summer to winter ones than otherwise. The owners of cars, motorbikes and other vehicles usually wait for appearing of the first snow, rather than watching the average temperatures. For most people, changing the tires to the summer ones occurs when the temperature begins to increase and the drivers do not expect any more snow. While choosing new set of tires there is one remaining question: which ones? The traditional summer tires, all-season tires or perhaps try out the retreaded tires. Many drivers want to save money on the costs of maintaining a car, therefore, they choose not to change the tires at all, explaining themselves that the winter tires are perfectly good for driving during the whole year. Nothing is more incorrect. Winter, as well as summer tires, are made from different mixtures of rubber. The former are a lot softer than the latter (which can be easily checked by hitting it or dropping it onto the hard surface), therefore they should be used only during winter when the temperature is low because they maintain their softness. The summer tires during winter become hard and have less traction. The winter tires, however, are not suitable for driving in summer when the temperature is high. Their rubber mixture appears to be ineffective. Too soft rubber is slipping on the wet surface. The drivers do not remember this fact or they think it is not important, explaining that they do not drive fast anyway or they drive a little and they can use the winter ones all summer. The winter tired on the dry surface do not pose a big threat on the road if the temperature is not that high and the driver is going slowly. However, if the car moves on the wet road, during the rain or shortly after it, the winter tires pose a very big threat, it is easy to go into a skid and the breaking distance is much longer than while using the summer tires. That is why it is better to use tires adequate to the season – winter tires during the winter and summer tires during the summer.

What if we can not afford two sets of tires? It happens often that the buyer of the car purchases it with the set of old tires, which are not suited for driving anymore, because the seller wants to save more money. The new owner must buy a set of tires and if he can not afford it, he buys the used ones, which are a lot cheaper, but they are usually not suitable for using for more than half of the year. After that time he has to buy another ones to travel safely. Those kinds of expenses frighten the drivers, because the tires are not the cheapest things. That is why they decide to drive using the winter tires all year or in worse case – using the summer ones. They put themselves, their passengers and other road users in danger. The saved money is usually spent on fixing the car after bumps, which happen a lot often when the breaking distance is longer and sliding on the road is more possible. It is also important to remember that the winter tires are getting used a lot faster in high temperature and while breaking, not necessarily a violent one, the scent of the rubber is clearly noticeable.

The much better solution would be to buy the all-season tires than to use them at the wrong seasons. The set of all-season tires can be purchased for a price of one set of winter ones (which are always more expensive than the summer ones). That saves a lot of money, because one set is enough. All-seasoned tires are an interesting solution for people who drives mostly in a peaceful way and who are not speeding up. The all-seasoned tires have their advantages and disadvantages. There are more advantages than disadvantages. However, in very low temperatures they are not that good, which is not the big problem in the temperate climate. But in very high temperatures they get used just as the winter tires (they get used very quickly during the summer), which forces the driver to change them more frequently.

Another interesting solution are the retreaded tires. They are produced by the key producers and they pass the quality tests quite well. The breaking distance in very low and very high temperatures is shorter than with the all-seasoned tires. They can be bought for 90 PLN a piece, which gives 360 PLN for a whole set. In most cases that is how much a driver would have to pay for two average quality summer tires. Mainly because of their price the retreaded tires are more and more popular. The users are only complaining about them getting used faster which is unavoidable in this case.

Changing of tires from the winter to the summer ones is quite a challenge for young drivers choosing their tires for the first time. Without experience, a car can become dangerous for us and for the other road users. It is difficult to get good, cheap tires. It is wise to ask a vulcanizer for an advice on which tires are easy to repair, which have good quality and which perform on the road as they should.

Of course, in the right place you can change the tires by yourself if you already have a set of new ones, thus saving some money. However, it is important to remember that the tires have to be balanced and that, without proper equipment, we cannot do all by ourselves.


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