Attractions of Sudetes


From many years Sudetes tempt us with their beautiful landscapes and famous resorts. However, in that area there is a group of mountains that deserves a special attention. Despite not finding high peaks or great cities, the Sudetes can surprise us with many attractions. What needs to be known about them? What is the best way to plan a vacation in this magical corner of Lower Silesia?

Marvelous rocks – incredible adventure
Marvelous rock formations are the most important attractions of the Stołowe Mountains.
They can be admired in Szczeliniec, as well as in “Błędne Skały” reserve. An interesting place are also “Skalne Grzyby” (Rocky Shrooms)- a cluster of interesting rocks, which you can reach from, among others, Batorowo, Karłów, Wambierzyce. These rocks have very precious and attractive surroundings. The Stołowe Mountains can surprise with their richness of fauna and flora.
There is majority of spruces and pine trees in the forests. However, many unusual plants can be found in the undergrowth. Some of the species of mosses are worth seeing in the area of Szczeliniec as well as globeflowes which can be seen in the clearings.
Another plant that can be seen in the Stołowe Mountains is orchid – many different species of it. The forest animals are yet another attraction. Badgers, boars and deers – these are the most important habitants of these mountains. The world of birds and insects is tremendously rich as many extraordinary specimens can be found. The most precious fragments of these mountains, with regards to natural, scenic and geological valor are protected in reserves, as well as in the National Park of the Stołowe Mountains.

The biggest attractions of the Stołowe Mountains
The tourism in Stołowe Mountains is getting better and better. Thanks to the improving network of hiking trails, wandering on their most beautiful corners is no longer a problem. Szczeliniec Wielki is the most interesting of all. The fastest way to get there is from Karłów. An interesting trail to the peak also leads from Radków, as well as from a small villige called Pasterka. This remarkable mountain – its shape resembles a gigantic table from afar, can surprise with its beauty. Those who overcome the stone stairs leading to its peak will have the opportunity to admire one of the most marvelous panoramas in Polish Sudetes. The stone labyrinth – a special natural attraction, which is a protected area, can also be admired. A second place that must be seen is Błędne Skały reserve. Its name (Errant Rocks) shows the character of this place perfectly. You can get here from Kudowa or Karłów without any problems. There an extraordinary labyrinth, which leads among the unusual rocks, awaits for the tourists. From Karłów or Wambierzyce you can also visit an interesting cluster of rocks such as Skalne Grzyby.

The most beautiful towns
In the area of the Stołowe Mountains there are many of interesting places where you can stay for a vacation or use them as starting points. The most famous and the biggest tourist resort here is Kudowa – the busiest and the most pleasantly visited. Those who want to spend their time in more private atmosphere, can choose many other places. Overall, the tourism is getting better and better and private accommodation compensate for the lack of hotels huge tourist resorts. One of the more interesting travel destinations in the Stołowe Mountains can be Wambierzyce and villages around it. It is a good place for those who want to visit the region of Skalne Grzyby. A perfect vacation destination is also the neighbourhood of Karłów and Radków where you can experience many great mountain treks.
Apart from the above-mentioned attractions and places worth seeing, the Stołowe Mountains can also amaze with other curiosities. Droga Stu Zakrętów (The Road of a Hundred Turns), which connects Kudowa with Radków, is only one thing among many other interesting places. For the nature lovers, a great place can be Ratno Dolne – a small town, over which tower the ruins of a magnificent castle. One of the most original attractions in Kudowa region can be a chapel build from human skulls. It is in a town called Czermna, not far from the center of this well-known health resort.


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