Sucha Beskidzka monuments.


This beskidzka town tempted not only a beautiful location between the Beskid Makowski and Żywiecki. Is known for its exceptional recreational values, so that in the area thrives on tourism. Sucha Beskidzka itself, as well as neighboring villages, are perfect starting points for those who want to take mountain trips. Tourist attractions await also in the center of the town. It’s beautiful and well known throughout the country monuments, which certainly worth spending a bit more attention.

Suski Wawel Castle, which is a gem of Renaissance architecture
Castle, which was built on the model of the Cracow royal residence in the sixteenth century, is without a doubt the most important monument not only in Sucha Beskidzka, but throughout the region. It was built at the site of the former manor house in the middle of the sixteenth century. This is a beautiful example of the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, which for centuries served as the state suski speaking families. This officiated initiator of construction of the castle – Kasper Suski coming from Italy, followed by – Komorowski, Wielkopolscy and Tarnowski. While each of the families transformed the castle, the Renaissance features are clearly visible today. Beautiful arcaded courtyard and a picturesque park surrounding this building became symbols of Sucha Beskidzka and its major attractions. Today the castle is suski a museum where you can see interesting monuments related to art and arranging the old design. Interesting Museum of the Suska can also visit near palace beautiful park. It was established on the initiative of the Society of Friends of the Earth Suska, and presented in the collection allow you to better understand the culture of the region.

trip to Mount Jasień
Above the castle Suski, also known as Little Wawel, rises Mount Jasień. Take a walk on the top, if only because of the chapel standing there. It was built in the 70s the eighteenth century, and its purpose is to preserve the memory of those killed in the area of ​​Bar Dry konfederatach. Confederates chapel on Mount Jasień is one of the most beautiful and famous monuments of this kind in the whole earth Sucha.

Sucha Beskidzka and its religious monuments
Interestingly also present the religious monuments that can be seen in the center of Sucha Beskidzka. He admires the seventeenth century church, which was built in the time of Peter Komorowski. Next to him was erected the monastery, the monks used to Sucha arrived in Krakow. In the crypt of the temple lies a temple founder himself and his wife, found here and place on vault for the next owners Sucha – Wielopolski. Next to the old temple in the early twentieth century, a new, larger church, founded by Anna and Wladyslaw Branickis. This stately, neo-Gothic building, quickly became one of the most characteristic elements of the landscape. This happened due to soaring tower, which is clearly visible from afar.

Inn called “Rome”
This property, standing on suski market, it is without doubt one of the biggest attractions Dry. We are happy to visit him and lovers of good, regional cuisine and traditional architecture. The wooden bar of “Rome” is a special place that attracts tourists due to unusual climate. This wooden building was built on the market in the mid-eighteenth century to the present day delights with excellent cuisine and a stylish interior. Tours will be happy to stop here for a great meal, but about suski sour soup served here quite legendary.

Inn “Rome” is not, moreover, the only example of local architecture in Sucha Beskidzka. Near the market, you can still see traditional houses and mansions in which caregivers suski Living quarters once the castle. In Sucha and its surrounding area there are also historical shrines, which until now watch over wanderers.


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