The situation of an ordinary Pole


The situation of an ordinary Pole
The life of an ordinary citizen in Poland becomes more difficult and expensive. Average wages for monthly work are disproportionate to the costs of living in today’s society – especially when you have to support your family, finish your studies, financially help your parents or other relatives – because an old-age pension, a disability payments and all kinds of social benefits are ridiculously low. A man is happy when he is able to get a job with contract instead of being satisfied with a mandatory agreement, a contract for performance of a specific task or others of junk contracts type, regardless of one’s aspirations and dreams about a job. Additionally, vacancies are taken by students who want to make more money even when they are in full-time study. Thus, they are taking a place of those who could use all of their time for education.

Those people are not to be blamed, because to maintain an average life standard in Poland you have to be creative and bypass the regulations or go to work abroad, because even with higher education it is highly unlikely for you to get the job you would like to have without any connections.

So it is better to go abroad and work as unpleasantly as in Poland, but make three times as much money, even with full insurance (which in Poland is barely enough despite taking away a big part of your payment). With bigger investments you can save yourself by taking loans and pay them back for most of your life, but in this case you have to think about the possibility of a visit from bailiff or – in the worst case scenario – confiscation of your wealth.
The country rarely bothers with helping the society and it decreases the government and EU funds more and more, because the national budget is poor and the public debt huge.

Polish businessmen do the best they can. They run their business using “junk contracts”, the lowest possible employee pays, even sometimes black economy. When such businessmen achieves a relatively high status in market, a wise choice would be to sign a franchise agreement with a foreign company, which (with a bit of creativity and luck) will eventually absorb a smaller one with a profit for the owner. That will take most of the profit abroad and the full circle begins again. It is not an optimistic perspective for an ordinary citizen in Poland, but there needs to be hope for a better tomorrow while bypassing the regulations without breaking them, fighting the corruption and injustice on your own backyard.

It is worth taking a risk and making your own company, trying to make success in the niche markets or creatively achieving higher and higher positions in market, wisely manipulating the price, the sale offer or the money for advertising the business. For a willing and determined man it is very much achievable. One needs to try to help the employees, build the loyalty with the help of the honesty (of course with a dose of cautiousness) with one’s employees , business partners and contractors. Many small and medium companies fall, but the more creative, enterprising and honest people try, the bigger are the chances for increasing the quality of life in a long term perspective. It is easy to say and difficult to achieve, but we have to believe. There is only the Polish political circus left to be fixed and we have reached our goal. With this “optimistic” thought there is nothing left but to wish our fellow countrymen good luck.


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