Proper connection of food, which is what so combine


About healthy eating is becoming more popular. Today, almost everyone has even an elementary knowledge of healthy eating. And although often we know what to eat, they seldom realize that it is also important how we eat.

That the method of combining foods in meals affect our appearance and our health is not new. Already in 1939, the American doctor because Howard Hay wrote a book on how to properly combine foods. Since then conducted a lot of research that has shown that the way we compose our meals has a great impact on our health.

This is because each of the components of the food is distributed in another portion of the gastrointestinal tract, and also influenced by other enzymes. Using the incorrect connection of food during the meal we make in our digestive tract chaos is – one component blocks the digestion of other foods. As a result, in our digestive tract undigested comes to the rotting debris that may persist in the gut, even many years, poisoning the whole body.

Often when ingested meal complain to lethargy, bad mood, headache and bloating. Most, however, ignore these symptoms, thinking that they are completely normal. Meanwhile, it is not. Usually, the symptoms are caused by improperly formulated meal, which may be reduced or even completely overcome by using the correct connection.

There are three basic food groups: cereals

1. PROTEIN. Their source is dairy products (eg. Milk, cheese), meat (eg. Chicken, beef, pork, fish), legumes (eg. Beans, peas, lentils), animal products (eg. Eggs).

2. FATS. They are divided into saturated: products of animal origin (eg. Meat, lard, eggs) and unsaturated fats vegetable (eg. Oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil, margarine), fruits and vegetables (eg. Olives, avocado), nuts (eg, . walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews).

3. Carbohydrates. We distinguish between simple carbohydrates: fruits (eg. Bananas, peaches, strawberries, tangerines), and complex cereal products (eg. Pastry flour, cereals, cereal, pasta), vegetables (eg. Potatoes, carrots, beets).

How to properly combine foods and what to avoid?

A) Proteins + = BAD CARBS

Carbohydrate digestion starts in the mouth. This process continues, however, when carbohydrates will go to the stomach. There, due to the acidic environment begins with the digestion of proteins. However, by the combination of protein and carbohydrates, the process of digestion is much more difficult. As a result, the distal portions of the gastrointestinal tract to reach the undigested remnants of protein.

Examples of combinations of protein + carbs: bread with ham, bread and cheese, potatoes with meat.

B) Proteins + = BAD FATS

The process of digestion of fats begins only in the duodenum. However, before the fat product reaches the gastrointestinal tract, in the stomach will spread suppressing the activity of pepsin, which is under the influence of the enzyme digestion of the protein occurs. Combining protein meal with fatty products and delaying hinder the digestion of the former.

Examples of combinations of protein + fat: fried meat


Although most of the vegetables is one of the products of carbohydrate, extract them green vegetables that can be eaten with proteins. These vegetables are rich in protein, so they can be eaten with other proteins.

Examples of combinations of proteins + green vegetables: egg with spinach, fish with green beans, chicken with peas

D) PROTEIN + = WRONG acid products

The process of digestion of proteins under the influence of pepsin in the presence of hydrochloric acid is inhibited when the product goes into the stomach acidic. Acid inhibits the action of pepsin, resulting in the digestion of proteins no longer occur.

Examples of combinations of proteins + acid products: meat dish with orange juice, cottage cheese with strawberries


The presence of alcohol in the stomach and prevents the precipitated pepsin digestion of the protein. As a result, after drinking an alcoholic drink after a meal protein digestion is greatly delayed.

Examples of combinations of proteins + alcohol: meat and wine

F) Carbohydrates + = GOOD FATS

It is a proper connection. Fats support digestion of carbohydrates, and further facilitate the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, F, which are present in many vegetables (carbohydrate source). Combining carbohydrates and fats do not do harm not only to themselves but also to make it easy for digestion and absorption of vitamins.

Examples of combinations of carbohydrates fats: salad with olive oil, porridge with nuts, vegetables fried in a pan

G) Carbohydrates + = WRONG acid products

To ptyalin, an enzyme found in saliva, she was able to break down in the mouth starch into glucose, it is essential that there prevailed an alkaline environment. The acid destroys them, making the starch moves to state nienadtrawionym stomach. This causes excessive fermentation.

Examples of combinations of carbohydrates acid products: potatoes with sorrel, currant bread with jam


Fruits tend to ferment in the gastrointestinal tract. It follows that it is not suitable for connection to any other products, because they interfere with their digestion. If the process is not disturbed by other nutritional products, their “journey” through the digestive system is very short, and only begins digestion in the small intestine. Therefore, the fruit should be consumed separately. Top-fasting.

The body uses huge amounts of energy to fight with digestion improperly compiled meals. After a long time may result in a decrease in resistance, constant physical malaise and premature aging. So let’s take care of themselves in advance and start composing meals properly to avoid a number of negative consequences that are associated with making mistakes in terms of nutrition.


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