Prague and its treasures: a visit to the Old Town


A small distance and a multitude of interesting monuments make the Czech Republic a very attractive country for Polish tourists. The trips there are an opportunity to know the great buildings and relish the beautiful views. The biggest recognition has the capital of this country – the extraordinary Prague which is in the program of practically every travel agency. To know the most precious treasures of this city one has to take a walk through the Old City. What attractions await there?

The Old City can already charm with its first monuments near the popular walking paths. It is best to enter its area through the Powder Tower which is also an attractive view point. A medieval seat of the Czech kings, which served them until the second half of the XIV century, also deserves attention. This beautiful palace is known from many historical events such as the speech of Jan Hus or signing the Declaration of Three Kings – an agreement reached between the three delegates from the Czech Republic, Moravia and Silesia. During a walk in the Old City, it is also worth paying attention to the edifice of the old customs chamber which nowadays is one of the most interesting examples of the classical architecture in the capital of the Czech Republic. The Commercial Bank with a headquarters in a fascinating palace from the XVII century also deserves attention. Another pearl of the old architecture in the Old City is the Mint Palace from the middle of the XVIII century. In its history, the old mint was functioning, among others, as the seat of the Prague’s garrison. Nowadays, there is a court there. An edifice of the Estates Theater is an interesting monument from the XVIII century. It can charm with its glorious elevation as well as its beautiful interiors. For the lovers of the culture, the House of Three Golden Lions is an important place. It is known as a place where the Mozart himself had visited. It is also worth visiting an old Jesuitical college which became famous as a place of concerts played by the Beethoven himself.

There are many interesting sacred monuments in the Prague’s Old City. The temple, which you can not miss during the trip to the historical part of the city, is the St. Havel church. The biggest representatives of Hussitism have preached in this Gothic temple. The church alone – because of the patron’s relics – was playing a very important role in the life of the city. The church of St. Martin in the Wall, built in the XII century, is also a precious monument of the sacred art. Even today, the Roman details, which are absolutely worth paying attention to, are visible. Among the sacred monuments, that are closely related to the hussite movement, is the famous Bethlehem Chapel. It is one of the most interesting buildings in the Old City. It reminds us about preaches of the Jan Hus himself. You can also see many interesting monuments in the area of the Jewish district which can charm anyone with its magnificent synagogues.

While visiting Prague, it is also worth remembering that one of the oldest universities in our part of Europe was built here. Today, the building of Karolineum is one of the biggest attractions for those who visit the Prague’s Old City with the intentions of seeing the pearls of the medieval architecture. It is simultaneously a district known from its interesting museums.

The Náprstek Museum
(museum of Asian, African and American Cultures), which is in the building of an old brewery, is extremely popular. The Museum of Decorative Arts or the Museum of Franz Kafka, whose work is well known by the Poles, amazes as well. It is also worth visiting the Old Town Bridge Tower from the XIV century which is not only an interesting monument of the old architecture but also a spectacular view point.


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