Poland. Lębork and its attractions


Located in the proglacial Leba Lębork is an interesting and attractive area for tourists. Although formerly lay far from the major trade routes and did not arouse too much interest, today’s visitors eager to come to this area. What attractions are waiting for travelers? What to see in this part of Polish?

Lebork. The capital of the land of Lębork
The most important city in whose area it is necessary to look at, is Lebork. In this city, there is no lack of interesting monuments, among which stands out on the market standing Gothic church. Jacob. In its interior attracted attention not only baroque altars, but the Gothic sculptures and Renaissance tombstones. Those tourists who want to better understand the history of the Lębork, necessarily should visit the local museum. It has an interesting exhibition of archaeological and ethnographic. Another highlight in this town are the remains of the town’s castle, which formerly served as the mayor of the Teutonic Knights.
Lebork may surprise its quite diverse architecture. Wandering around the city tourists will see here both the old houses of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, as well as the town hall proved. May contrast with them such structures, such as the old mill and the seventeenth – century granary, which today is a reminder of the history Lęborka and its traditions.

Leba. A visit to the seaside principality
Leba is a very well known holiday resort where the season of the lack of guests can not complain. Tempts the local port, which used to play a very important role in maritime trade and fishing, and which today is a huge attraction for tourists. Beautiful beach Leba makes an ideal place for a holiday break, although notable places in this city is much more. The great attraction are preserved fishing houses here, from the nineteenth century. It should also look to the local fishing harbor, probably dating back to the tenth century.

Nowecin. Encounters with nature
Leba Nowecin adjacent to the village is ideal for nature lovers. This village is situated on the lake Sarbsko, boasts beautiful palace that belonged to the family Wejhers. Although the palace lost its fifteenth – century character with subsequent construction work, you can still see inside the Gothic vaults. The palace can be seen traces of the moat. The whole is surrounded by a park, where the burial chapel of the nineteenth century.
However tempting Nowecin primarily surrounding countryside. A particularly attractive place is here Sarbska Spit reserve, in which mostly are protected rare species of plants. Admire the moors and bogs, are also growing blueberry lime and cranberry. The real gem in this reserve is, however, insectivorous sundew.

Khrabrovo. Around the aristocratic mansion
Lying near the village of Leba is known from nearby bogs and interesting monuments located on its premises. You can see both interesting baronial mansion and the mausoleum of former owners of the village – Wejhers. Another interesting sight in Chabrowie is the Baroque church, built in the late seventeenth century and delightful interesting baroque furnishings.

Smołdzino and nature museum
Smołdzino deserves attention primarily because there’s nothing but the Slowinski National Park Museum. Stuffed mammals and a gallery of photographs showing the beauty of the park is the basis of the local harvest. In the vicinity of the museum, you can see the historic manor house of the nineteenth century, and in the same village – an interesting church of the seventeenth century.

Kluki, or a visit to the museum
To learn more about the history and culture of this part of the Polish, you must visit Kluki. Here, surrounded by forests and peat bogs, created an interesting museum. On its site found their finest monuments of old folk architecture. You can see both the corral age and old tools. Kluki are important and interesting place, a visit to this place is sure to satisfy those who want to know the lives of the inhabitants of the land in the nineteenth century.

Rowy. Beautiful beach and dunes
Lying near the Slowinski National Park Rowy town is known for its sand dunes and the beautiful beach, which has long been eager vacationers resting. It is a resort ideal for both carefree holiday, it is also appreciated as a base for the area of ​​the Slowinski National Park. This is known primarily from the dune scenery, numerous species of lichens and the rich world of birds.


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