Poland. Jurassic attractions. Ojcow (Father’s city)


It is one of the most popular places in the highlands Krakow – Czestochowa, and each year on its grounds thousands of tourists arrive. It should not come as a surprise. Yet fathers is known for its beautiful buildings and unique surroundings. As the capital of the Father’s National Park boasts a dense network of trails, through which visitors can explore the beauty of the valley Prądnik. What you should know about this place? What tourist attractions tempting at this point most strongly?

The great attraction is the very Fathers beautifully situated in the valley Prądnik. This valley was a popular and human interest already in prehistory, and the surrounding caves are places known for their valuable archaeological finds. Already in the nineteenth century, the Fathers began to operate as a popular summer resort, and some of the old inns and B & Bs serve tourists to this day. Nearby Dark Cave, Cave Łokietka and beautiful rock formations made it as a tourist destination Fathers is doing very well today.

Heritage Ojcowa
With the oldest buildings erected especially for travelers preserved so beautiful villas and hotels, as the house under the Elbow-high, which now has its headquarters Ojcowski Museum National Park and the villa known as the Warsaw Bazaar – currently serving as the Regional Museum. In the center Ojcowa also preserved a beautiful and well maintained spa park, full of interesting plants, walkways and benches.
Above the historic center of the resort stands a castle, which is one of several fortified objects Nests Trail. Although it remained in ruins, a visit to the castle hill is a must for any trip arriving Ojcowa.
The second object, which is considered a symbol of Ojcowa, is standing on the road to Pieskowej Rock Chapel on the Water. It was built in alpine style, very fashionable in the early twentieth century.

Journey to the Father’s National Park
Fathers is also the ideal venue for those who want to go on a tour of the grounds of the Father’s National Park. This trip can start visiting the Museum Ojcowski National Park, where you can read both nature and old Prądnik Valley. A well-known place in the park is the Short Cave – the cave known for the legend of King fleeing from Krakow, yet extremely beautiful cave formations robe. The second major cave is located on the other side of the valley. Dark Cave, which was already sightseeing in the eighteenth century. To date, visits to her with flashlights and candles, making it a special place. It is also a valuable archaeological site, and found in the objects and animal remains confirmed the long history of man’s stay in the area Ojcowa.

In the vicinity of the caves are other important symbols Ojcowa. It Cracow Gate and the nearby source of Love. Other attractions OPN mills are located in the valley Prądnika that you can enjoy on the way to Pieskowej Rock. There are waiting longer to other attractions, like the famous Hercules’ Club and the castle is currently performing the role of the museum.


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