Poland. Earth Slupsk and its attractions


Earth Slupsk may surprise its sights and natural beauty of the landscape. In this area, situated between the lakes and Łebsko Gardno, you can visit many interesting towns and cities with a much quieter character. What can captivate tourists Earth Slupsk? What village is worth a visit in its own territory?

A visit to Slupsk

The most important city on earth is Slupsk, known for its many interesting buildings. One of the objects considered to be a symbol of the city is the local town hall. Built in neo-Gothic style, is distinguished by a high clock tower. On the facade, in turn, clearly visible emblems of the coastal cities. Important here is the coat of arms of Slupsk, but next to it, you can see the “business card” Koszalin or Gdansk. In its interior stands out while the hall, known for its beautiful murals. With it you can see how he looked past the nearby harbor and how to work in his area residents Slupsk. In the vicinity of this building, you can see one of the old city gates, which now houses the Gallery of Modern Art. An important landmark is also the local basilica, which is an interesting example of the fourteenth – century religious architecture.

The most important monument, which attracts Slupsk, but local castle. The former seat of the dukes of Pomerania today serves as the seat of a museum. This Museum of Middle Pomerania, where you can learn about the history of the city and its surroundings. Near the castle you can see another city gate, popularly known as the Mill Gate.

Lubuczewo. Gem palace architecture
Lubuczewo, although there is apparently nothing distinctive village, you must visit while wandering the earth Slupsk. Here is an interesting palace, which is considered one of the finest buildings of its type in the area of ​​Slupsk. It has an interesting tower and a charming, glazed veranda. The palace is surrounded by picturesque and well-groomed additionally park where visitors can relax surrounded by beautiful greenery.

Damnica. In the valley Łupawa
This is a village situated in the valley of Łupawa also boasts an interesting residence. The local palace was built in the second half of the nineteenth century. It draws attention to the beautiful facades and towers, interesting decoration of the building is also a large porch. This palace boasts a beautiful lobby and interesting Hall of Mirrors.

Ustka. Coastal climates
Ustka a popular tourist destination in which to spend their vacation lovers of sea bathing. It also offers them, however, and many attractions, among which stands out the neo-Gothic lighthouse at the end of the nineteenth century. You can also discover the local Bakery Museum and neo-Gothic church of the Savior, known for his paintings donated by survivors of marine accidents to seafarers.

Duninowo. In the world of polygons

Although Duninowo is known primarily from the military training grounds, have a look at the area of ​​the village. It is located just 6 miles from the Ustki and its surroundings can delight nature lovers. There is no lack of wet meadows and wetland areas, known for the presence of interesting vegetation. Located in this environment is a mainstay of the lake Modla waterfowl, thus these sites are most tourists arrive – ornithologists. In the village will also be some interesting objects for lovers of historical monuments. One of these neo-Gothic church of the fifteenth century, which owes its present form extension made in the nineteenth century. It is worth visiting for its interior, in which attention is drawn th – century, folk pulpit. Another attraction is located in the porch of the church board knight – an interesting and unique monument tombstone. While walking through the village you can also see a lot of interesting half-timbered cottages, formerly very popular in the land of Slupsk.

Jarosławiec. In the shadow of the lighthouse

Jarosławiec, another very popular and popular tourist destination resort, boasts an interesting lighthouse. Built in the mid-nineteenth century is open to the public, and it extends view is impressive.


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