Poland. Beskid Average in a nutshell


This interesting group of mountain is one of the least known to tourists. Beskid average, also known as the Beskid Makowski, however, can boast many more interesting and natural attractions. This area ideal for hiking and beautiful cities and towns may surprise you with its monuments. For what it’s worth, visit in this beautiful corner of Polish?

Location Beskid
Beskid Medium is part of the Western Beskid Mountains. Located between the Beskydy: Żywiec, Small and Wyspowy, has its own unique character. The most important here are the valleys of the Raba and Skawa valley. From the mountain ranges must distinguish here while Koskowa Mountain Range and Frequency Lubomir and Łysiny. The most important towns and settlements in the Beskid can however include Mac Podhalański, Myślenice, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and Lanckorona. Also noteworthy in such towns as Koszarawa and Stryszawa that are perfect for a village of a resort.

Nature Beskid
Beskid average, despite good management and intensive agriculture run here, can boast a considerable wealth of nature. Although the fields sometimes come up here at the same peaks in the mountain range, you can still enjoy the magnificent forests. Oaks, conifers and beeches, elms and maples mountain – this tree can be found most frequently in the mountain tours. Also pay attention to the plants appearing in the undergrowth. Beskid average is known for many species of herbs and the presence of many interesting plants to be protected. Among them, and crocuses, and numerous pitchfork or hepatica. In the upper parts, you can admire the firs and spruces. There is no shortage in the area and older trees, which can be considered as natural monuments. The most interesting can be seen in the vicinity of Myślenice, and more – in the reserve, “The Castle of the Raba”. Here, among the old fir forest, you can see and another attraction – the medieval tower, which was in ancient times to defend access to Myślenice.
Beskid average is also known for quite a rich world of animals. Mainly dominated by forest animals: foxes, deer, wild boars and hares. You can meet vipers and grass snakes also, sometimes there is also a salamander. In the past there were often bears here, but they are now rare guests in the area. You can also find the serpent of Aesculapius, which in the region Myślenice to its unique position in the entire Western Beskidy.

Rivers Beskid
The river valleys are important in terms of tourism and settlement areas in the Beskid. The most important is a valley Skawa and Raba. Although this area is not the lack of numerous rivers and mountain streams, it is Skawa and Raba ages play the most important role.
Skawa, which has its source in the Beskidy Mountains, is a natural border between the Middle Beskid Żywiecki. Its picturesque bends are an important part of the Beskydy landscape. Over the panniers are also so attractive for tourists places like Sucha Beskidzka and Mucharz village. Quite different is already Raba, which has its source in the Gorce Mountains. Before it enters the Beskid grounds, must overcome a nearby area of ​​the Carpathians. In the area of ​​Beskid it flows m. In. by Myślenice, near which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful gorges of the mountain river. One of the major attractions of this river is Lake Dobrzycki, which is one of the most characteristic features of the landscape of the Wieliczka Foothills.
On the other rivers in the Beskid stands out Skawinka, flowing from the band Koskowa Mountains and streams supply Sola: Łękawka, Moszczanka and Pewelka. They are important watercourses in the area Pewelskiego bands. Above them are interesting towns and villages Las Kocoń.

The History of the Beskid
In the area of ​​this group of mountain settlements (with a few exceptions) began to develop only in the late Middle Ages. One of the oldest settlements in the area include the already mentioned and Dobczyce Mucharz village, known for its age settlement on Castle Hill. Also have a long pedigree Myślenice and other major cities in the region. The vast majority of the local village, however, was in the fifteenth and sixteenth century, when the area had established population Beskid Vlach origin. Thanks to them developed here herding and agriculture, which today plays a very important role in the local economy. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, of considerable importance in the area also had steel, but the vast majority of the glassworks was abolished at the end of the nineteenth century.
In the history of this region is not a lack of important historical events. These areas did not avoid the great military conflicts, among which the most important was the Confederation of Bar. Heavy fighting that took place m. In. in the vicinity of Sucha Beskidzka Lanckorona and to this day are mentioned here. There are also valuable memorabilia associated with the Confederation of Bar. Many of the great souvenirs are associated with the September campaign and the period of World War II. Storage space you can meet in many places, and each of them recalls the fallen inhabitants of this land.

Tourism in Beskid area
Beskid average is one of those groups that can not yet tainted mass tourism. Although major cities are popular, in the mountains, you can still enjoy the peace and quiet. Such an atmosphere is also in most of the local village, where you can find the perfect conditions for relaxation.
Here tourists can take many interesting trips, although accommodation can be found here practically only in the larger towns. There are no mountain huts still here, and no larger resorts. However, more and more developing tourism here, which allows for the development of the economy in the Beskid villages.


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