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In the state of capital suski.


It is well known to tourists, and its monuments undoubtedly deserve attention. Beautifully situated, stunning many curiosities, Sucha Beskidzka is one of the most interesting places in the Polish Beskidy. What you should know about this unique place? What tourist attractions are waiting for the guests? Here is a small guide for those who decide to visit during the holidays is a unique place.

Unusual location
The attractiveness of Sucha Beskidzka already decided the same position. In the area of ​​contact with each other until three mountain groups: Frequency Pewelskie, Beskid Makowski and Beskid Zywiec. Sam Suska Basin, which spread to Sucha Beskidzka can admire breathtaking views and attractions. This is the place where boredom can not complain. Flowing through the dry river Skawa is an additional advantage of this place and an important element of the local landscape.

From the pages of history
Sucha Beskidzka has a long history. In the past, it has played an important role in the region, and as the capital of the so-called. Suski state became famous throughout the country. The first settlers arrived in the area as early as the thirteenth century. They were Walachian shepherds, so that in the area of ​​Sucha created many large villages. The most famous men Sucha and the entire state suski be m. In. among Slupsk. After them was owned by an Italian dry, Gaspaer Castiglione, which will in the sixteenth century castle was built here, modeled on Wawel Castle. This suski Wawel to this day is one of the most important monuments in the Beskid Mountains. Kasper Suski, because such a name adopted in Italy during his stay in Sucha, to this day is one of the most important figures in the history of the region. Other well-known masters of Sucha were Komorowski, in times where Sucha Beskidzka from surrounding villages evolved into a powerful state magnate. In an era in Sucha created Komorowski also found a church and monastery, also developed economy. From the seventeenth to the mid-nineteenth century, the state was owned Wielopolski Suski. Unfortunately, it was also a time of gradual collapse of its meaning. In the days of the Bar Confederation dry, like many nearby towns, seriously suffered from within its area of ​​fighting. About confederate remembers fallen here today, and remind them numerous plaques and Confederate shrines. One of them is at the top Jasień. Recently, the village was in Tarnow, Office for suski castle in the interwar period. During World War II, the castle was occupied by the Germans, who have arranged their barracks here. During the occupation, near Sucha Beskidzka important boundary ran behind which lay the grounds of the General Government. As a border town, was dry at this time of great strategic importance. However, the locals resisted, and conspiracy developed at a rapid pace here.

Sucha Beskidzka for tourists
Contemporary Sucha Beskidzka is primarily an important tourist resort. Scenic areas make tourism here is very good. More and more guest houses and private accommodation where tourists can stay overnight. Here, you can focus on seeing the sights and exploring Sucha its history, and you can also start a mountain tour. Good communication makes no problems and you can use these trails, which take their origin in the surrounding towns. In the same Sucha Beskidzka also can not complain about boredom. Beautiful sights, including the famous castle and regional inn “Rome” acting in a historic building, are the biggest attractions Sucha. Numerous tourist attractions await also in neighboring towns, which is definitely worth a visit when traveling through the Beskid Mountains.

Szczecin and around the land of castles and lakes


What can enthrall tourists Pomerania? The highlights of this are many. During the tour of this part of the Polish one can see a lot of interesting castles and towns tantalizing historical buildings. May be particularly attractive in this respect be around Szczecin Szczecinek. In this area attractions can be found almost everywhere. There is no shortage of great places here and that can enthrall a unique landscape. It is also a land of dream-Western Pomerania for tourists – naturalists. What you have to see in this part of Polish? What can admire around Szczecin? Here is a small guide for those who are planning trips to the region.

The most beautiful city in Western Pomerania
Among the greatest cities in the region is Szczecin. It is tempting magnificent castle and an interesting urban buildings. City Hall and the historic buildings on the market are the most interesting examples of Baroque architecture. Szczecin is also full of exceptional collections of the Maritime Museum and a well-known Shafts Brave. Guests can also visit the local cathedral and housed at the Museum of the Archdiocese. Second city, which can not be overlooked is the Stargard. A well-known monument is the town hall here, also preserved in fairly good condition old walls. Thanks to them, the city retains its historic character, and walk its streets can be transformed into a unique history lesson. A beautiful city that delights not only has great architecture, but also beneficial to health microclimate is Polczyn-Zdroj. It’s an interesting place – one of the most beautiful we can be proud of Pomerania. During the tour of the resort is a must to visit the market and well maintained spa park full of rare shrubs and plants. You can also discover the same Szczecinek, which in addition to the castle you can look at the observation tower and learn about interesting collections in the local museum.

Castles Western Pomerania
In addition to the castles located in major cities of Western Pomerania tourists waiting for a number of buildings in a slightly lesser-known destinations. Each of them is a valuable monument and a wonderful example of ancient architecture. An interesting object can boast min. small Pęziono, which preserves the castle which belonged to the Knights of St. John. An interesting castle can also boast Świdwin. In Szczecinku also can see an interesting castle, whose oldest part is the Knight’s house in the early seventeenth century. Picturesque ruins of the castle can boast Stare Drawsko, which slowly transforms into a popular summer resort.

Western Pomerania for naturalists
For nature lovers there is an important place Glinn, which is wonderful Arboretum. Gathered in the many interesting trees and shrubs from all over the world, and this collection is considered one of the finest in Poland. Attractive in terms of place and natural, and scenic Valley of the Five Lakes is often also called the Switzerland Połczyńska. At this point begins the Drava river, known and respected as one of the best rivers for canoeing organizations. A lot of scenic spots also waiting for tourists in the area Czaplinka which owes its fame favorable location between two lakes.

Surroundings bristles are certainly attractive to tourists . Excellent management and accommodation, which may be found without problems make tourism in this part of Western Pomerania is unfolding perfectly. This is not surprising. Historical and natural wealth of this land can certainly impress.

Land of fashionable resorts and rock towns


The specific relief and unique rock formations made the Table Mountains have long been appreciated and frequented by tourists. This is one of the most beautiful spots, which may tempt Sudetenland. What you have to see during our tour of the area? At that place you need to pay special attention to?

The finest resorts in Poland, which is unusual trio
The three resorts located in the Table Mountains have long gained recognition finest spas in Lower Silesia. For years they have enjoyed great popularity, and the lack of interest bathers and tourists complain they can not. Numerous hiking trails make you choose to access them on an extraordinary trip, a beautiful spa parks and buildings make it to the site of interest also missing. Each of these resorts has its own unique character. In Dusznikach waiting for visitors unusual Paper Museum, which is housed in the historic mill. Known since the seventeenth century as a popular resort Kudowa also can enchant. Great pump room and well maintained spa park make it a one of the most beautiful places in this part of the Polish. In Kudowie can also visit the unique Museum of Toys and take a journey through time – just take a trail Vanishing Trades. The most famous spa trio of Lower Silesia was also Polanica. And here waiting spa park and the pump room. The great attraction is, however, the local Glassworks Art, which created a unique work of art. It is also a place famous lovers Polanica precious stones. Waiting for them here full of unusual specimens Gemstone Museum, which certainly deserves attention.

Towns, which delight
Smaller towns lying in the Table Mountains can also impress. One of them is Lewin, who delights with its buildings and stately stone viaduct. Another town, which is a must to visit is Radkow. The town is an excellent starting Punta Szczeliniec Great, and its center impresses interesting buildings. Beautiful monument is the local church. Dorothy looks great old houses on the market. Also noteworthy Wambierzyce, which is an important center of worship. Stations of the Cross and the Church of the Visitation make Wambierzyce “Kłodzka Jerusalem,” and the most important pilgrimage center in this part of the country. Waiting also a small museum and some interesting hiking trails.

Visit the
One of the most famous ski resorts in Poland Zieleniec – the highest situated village in our country. Is known for its excellent conditions for winter sports and excellent infrastructure. For the perfect place to ski for the whole family. Also noteworthy Czermna – city formerly known as an independent country, and today – part of Kudowa. Here attracts a unique chapel, which was created out of human skulls – victims of the epidemic. The perfect destination for mountain lovers Karłów tours is that as a summer resort gaining more and more recognition.

Magic corners of the Table Mountains
Many of the unique attractions await in the mountains – with popular hiking trails and local summits. Table Mountains undoubtedly can admire numerous sites of great. One of these is the greatest reserve Errant Rocks – rock labyrinth, which is one of the biggest attractions in the whole of the Sudeten Mountains. Often called rock city is one of the most unusual nature reserves throughout the country. Szczeliniec as the highest peak of the band as well as the greatest vantage point also deserves recognition. Its additional attraction is also a shelter – one of the oldest buildings of this type that have arisen in the Sudetenland. Many interesting experiences may also provide migration among Skalnych Mushroom – another group of rocks that make such great recognition in the eyes of the tourists won the Table Mountains.

The beauty of the Table Mountains and an abundance of fun – these are the main reasons for the success of tourism in the region. Excellent management makes the accommodation can be found here, and a comfortable recreation centers, and a growing number of agro-tourism. Waiting for camping and mountain refuges, and each property can be a great starting point to the mountains.

Owl Mountains: mysterious underground and riddles of history


They are one of the most interesting belt, which may tempt tourists Sudetenland. Known for Great Owl and located on the observation tower, attractive castles, fortresses and mysterious subterranean, are a unique band. Owl Mountains is an area ideal for those who appreciate mountain tours and places extremely valuable from a historical point of view. What attractions await you in these beautiful mountains? Here is a small overview of the most important ones.

In the shadow of the mighty fortress
The picturesque town of Silver Mountain widely spread on the border between the mountains and the mountains Sowie Bardzkimi. It impresses with its beautiful surroundings and interesting routes for walkers and cyclists. Great buildings, which can be seen in the vicinity of the market and the old temples – these objects worthy of attention. What is most important, however, is at a distance from the city center. Priceless monument and the biggest attraction in this part of Lower Silesia is, after rising above the town fortress. Fortress in Silver Mountain is a unique object with which it is difficult to compete. The priceless relic from the mid-eighteenth century, consists of three forts, of which the biggest attraction is open to the public Donjon. In its vicinity is equally interesting fort Ostrog, which, however, can not be visited.

A visit to Głuszyca
Among the village deserving of attention was also Głuszyca. Is a town full of interesting sights, dominated by stylish villas belonging to local manufacturers. Most of them were built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. From this period comes from the local parish church. Głuszyca is also mysterious underground, which in the years 1943 to 1945 worked in this part of Lower Silesia Nazis. Today, a remarkable reminder of the Second World War, in the region of the Owl Mountains are just one – well known as the Underground City Osówka tunnels, from which so many secrets and speculation.

Walim. Mysterious tunnels and other attractions
German mysterious underground, where there will also be associated with World War II, you can also visit neighboring Głuszyca factory complex. Walim itself as a town with a beautiful location and interesting building is the goal of many a trip and one of the most beautiful places in the Owl Mountains. Drifts Walimskie made, however, that of the town became loud across the country. Numerous historical mysteries and puzzles, which in this village is not missing, they do have a maximum power of attraction.

Breath history Zagorze Slaskie
Meeting with the history and unique architecture – the motto may well be another trip to advertise tourist resort in the Owl Mountains. It is the Silesian Zagorze which became the most important attraction of Grodno Castle. Interesting building of the fourteenth century, stands proudly at the top of Choiny and still maintains its powerful, solid Gothic. Tourists have fun here ensures Brotherhood of Knights, and the local staff of the Regional Museum ensure that, to and knowledge about this place was in a dignified manner communicated to the public. An additional attraction, thanks to which Zagorze Slaskie over a hundred years copes well as a summer resort, there are areas of the Owl Mountains Landscape Park with its many trails.

Great Owl: unusual peak
Owl Mountains is not only of interest for history lovers, but also an ideal area for lovers of mountain excursions. Peak, which is a must visit this place is Great Owl. Lead to its numerous hiking trails, and one of the most popular points menopausal became Walim. There is also enough excellent routes for cyclists and skiers. This makes the Great Owl summit attractive in all seasons. Great Owl counts 1015 This is the highest point above sea level, which can boast the Owl Mountains. Its decoration is a stone observation tower – one of many such facilities, which can be seen when hiking through the Sudetenland. It was built in the early twentieth century, and the initiators of its creation were local activists who want to promote tourism in the Owl Mountains. To this day it is one of the major attractions in the area and the main purpose of a trip.

Owl Mountains have their own charm. Beautiful cities and towns over the years are frequented by tourists and hunters history. Thanks to the unique monuments of the area tourism is growing well, and accommodation can be found here at almost every step. Waiting hotels, boarding houses and dormitories, but the most popular are more numerous in the area farmhouses. For all the tourists waiting in the Owl Mountains great views and places that provide long thrill.

In the Footsteps of the Crusaders


Hiking in the footsteps of the Knights may be a unique adventure. Those who dream of a tour of the grounds not only picturesque, but also full of castles and charming towns, should definitely go for Lakeland area and the Lower Vistula Iławskie. It is in this area, you can see the finest monuments in the Polish lands that are inextricably linked with the fate of the Teutonic Order. What attractions are waiting for tourists in this part of the Polish? Where it is necessary to stop during the trip?

A visit in Malbork. Poland
Most of the tourists their journey in the footsteps of the Teutonic Knights just starts with a visit to Malbork. In this picturesque town you can see one of the most powerful fortress of the Teutonic Knights in Europe. The mighty fortress and organized a great event near known as “The Siege of Malbork” are the most important, but not the only attractions of the city. Keep in mind that Malbork also boasts a wonderful old town, which is also worth a visit to find some time.

Sztumskie attractions
A wonderful city where you can meet with the Crusaders, is also Sztum. Located between the lakes, attracts tourists due magnificent castle and an interesting museum. Here you can learn more about the history of the Sztum, in which there was no shortage of interesting events. You can also discover the city presented ethnographic collections that are associated with the Indians. This is a great attraction for those who tour in the footsteps of the Teutonic Knights looking to expand with additional points of interest.

World: the beauty of the historic city
During the journey in the footsteps of the Knights needed anymore you need to explore the world. This beautiful city boasts a charming old town, followed by a walk may resemble a journey through time. And here, as in other cities of the former Teutonic Order, you can visit the castle. Its massive walls still make a great impression, and an additional advantage of the building is its picturesque location on the river Wdą.

The castle and old town, or anger and its attractions
Anger can boast not only a magnificent castle, but beautiful old town. In the panorama of the city, but mighty fortress, an important place is a Gothic church. Nicholas. Inside, there is no lack of great monuments of sacred art. Can also admire buildings of the city, in which you can see a lot of interesting tenements of great historical value.

Grudziadz: city granaries
Although in this city of the Teutonic castle ruins are preserved only, it is necessary to take into account in the city of his tour. Historic church in the Gothic style of the Vistula, known as an excellent vantage point castle hill are important, but not the most important attractions. What tempts Grudziadz in the first place, are his granaries. There are 26, and each of them is an object with an interesting history and wonderful architecture. These are the oldest monuments of the fourteenth century, which makes it one of the most important buildings of this type in Poland.

Radzyń Chełmiński: in the shadow of picturesque ruins
Although the town’s castle, only the ruins of the Teutonic Knights, Radzyń Chełmiński will certainly be an additional attraction of the trip in the footsteps of the Teutonic Knights. In the old town you can see not only the remains of the Teutonic fortress, but also curious Gothic polychrome decorated with baroque church. Stroll around the grounds of the castle ruins can also become an interesting adventure. Here you can see traces of the wing of the castle and the mighty towers are quite visible and perimeter walls.

Wandering in the footsteps of the Teutonic Order should plan your route so as to be able to look at and to Pelplin. Here waiting for one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals and full of fascinating collections of the Diocesan Museum. It can impress Kwidzyn where waiting and Teutonic castle, and was the cathedral. In each of these cities are well feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, and the magnificent buildings like best about the unique history of this part of Polish territory.

Budapest. Spas that will delight everyone


Many of us during our tour of the Hungarian capital forgets that Budapest is not only a major city, but also the finest spa, which can boast of Hungary. While wandering around Budapest, therefore, you can not ignore these sites, which are known as a place for recreation, relaxation and healing treatments. Budapest is a city where you can see the finest baths in Europe. What you should know about them? Which of them it is necessary to pay attention to?

The history of spas
As a spa Buda was noticed already in ancient times. Extraordinary power of local waters appreciated Greeks first, and then – the Romans. Nearby medicinal springs have emerged during the Middle Ages hospitals where care of patients exercised Hospitallers. At the time, depending on the Turkish baths have become a common element in the landscape of the city. This was a result of religious and cultural traditions. And although Budapest as a health resort “officially” been operating since 1934 is the healing properties of its waters and its use have a much longer tradition. Baths and treatment centers today in the city play a very important role. In Budapest, can now benefit from treatments that help in the fight against arthritis and check in the fight against gynecological problems.

Outdoor swimming pools and spas, which is the biggest attractions of the spa
Of all the baths, which can make us admire this amazing spa, swimming Gellarta deserves special attention. In the place where the fastest appreciated the remarkable properties of mineral water, now await the beautiful swimming pools and artificial wave. All this in a unique setting. The second important swimming is swimming St. Luke, founded in a place where there was a hospital in the Middle Ages St. Luke. Although during the local Turkish baths declined in importance, as early as the end of the nineteenth century belonged to the most important places on the map of Budapest spa. Despite the huge popularity, it may surprise some swimming intimate atmosphere and an unusual calm. As a result, baths are valued by those who want to relax the unique scenery from everyday problems. It should also be interested in other public swimming pool, which was founded in Pest. It Szechenyi Baths, which was completed just before the outbreak of the First World War. This swimming pool can admire its Baroque character and a thermal source, whose power was recognized as early as the mid-nineteenth century. During the tour of Budapest and the most beautiful baths should also visit the Royal Baths (which, contrary to appearances, has never been owned by the royal family). These can admire an octagonal pool over which is a complete dome dormers. The nature of the bath is best highlights the fact that its construction began in the Turkish period. The unique style and good conditions for rest can be found here now anyone who dreams of a medicinal bath in a unique setting.

The blend of beautiful edifices and wonderful surroundings, tempting warm waters with healing properties. Baths, which in Budapest is nearly 50, can certainly impress. They are an important element of the urban landscape and note that Budapest is a spa unique.

SEO for amateurs


Having your own website is not synonymous with the achievement of success, very often is it that you have to put a lot of work and commitment to its development and the influx of visitors. Keeping a blog or website theme can be a great experience, but also a source of income. The only condition is to bring to the service of many readers. Unfortunately, the website appear like mushrooms after the rain and thus the overall competition to grow and succeed, you have to give up to find.

What to do to users of me they came?

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Positioning chance for greater profits
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What is SEO?

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What does the positioning?
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Sucha Beskidzka monuments.


This beskidzka town tempted not only a beautiful location between the Beskid Makowski and Żywiecki. Is known for its exceptional recreational values, so that in the area thrives on tourism. Sucha Beskidzka itself, as well as neighboring villages, are perfect starting points for those who want to take mountain trips. Tourist attractions await also in the center of the town. It’s beautiful and well known throughout the country monuments, which certainly worth spending a bit more attention.

Suski Wawel Castle, which is a gem of Renaissance architecture
Castle, which was built on the model of the Cracow royal residence in the sixteenth century, is without a doubt the most important monument not only in Sucha Beskidzka, but throughout the region. It was built at the site of the former manor house in the middle of the sixteenth century. This is a beautiful example of the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, which for centuries served as the state suski speaking families. This officiated initiator of construction of the castle – Kasper Suski coming from Italy, followed by – Komorowski, Wielkopolscy and Tarnowski. While each of the families transformed the castle, the Renaissance features are clearly visible today. Beautiful arcaded courtyard and a picturesque park surrounding this building became symbols of Sucha Beskidzka and its major attractions. Today the castle is suski a museum where you can see interesting monuments related to art and arranging the old design. Interesting Museum of the Suska can also visit near palace beautiful park. It was established on the initiative of the Society of Friends of the Earth Suska, and presented in the collection allow you to better understand the culture of the region.

trip to Mount Jasień
Above the castle Suski, also known as Little Wawel, rises Mount Jasień. Take a walk on the top, if only because of the chapel standing there. It was built in the 70s the eighteenth century, and its purpose is to preserve the memory of those killed in the area of ​​Bar Dry konfederatach. Confederates chapel on Mount Jasień is one of the most beautiful and famous monuments of this kind in the whole earth Sucha.

Sucha Beskidzka and its religious monuments
Interestingly also present the religious monuments that can be seen in the center of Sucha Beskidzka. He admires the seventeenth century church, which was built in the time of Peter Komorowski. Next to him was erected the monastery, the monks used to Sucha arrived in Krakow. In the crypt of the temple lies a temple founder himself and his wife, found here and place on vault for the next owners Sucha – Wielopolski. Next to the old temple in the early twentieth century, a new, larger church, founded by Anna and Wladyslaw Branickis. This stately, neo-Gothic building, quickly became one of the most characteristic elements of the landscape. This happened due to soaring tower, which is clearly visible from afar.

Inn called “Rome”
This property, standing on suski market, it is without doubt one of the biggest attractions Dry. We are happy to visit him and lovers of good, regional cuisine and traditional architecture. The wooden bar of “Rome” is a special place that attracts tourists due to unusual climate. This wooden building was built on the market in the mid-eighteenth century to the present day delights with excellent cuisine and a stylish interior. Tours will be happy to stop here for a great meal, but about suski sour soup served here quite legendary.

Inn “Rome” is not, moreover, the only example of local architecture in Sucha Beskidzka. Near the market, you can still see traditional houses and mansions in which caregivers suski Living quarters once the castle. In Sucha and its surrounding area there are also historical shrines, which until now watch over wanderers.

In the footsteps of the past by the Turkish coast.


It is an ideal area for a holiday to relax and area known for its numerous attractions. Here Turkey shows its unique qualities, which for years delighted with travelers from all over the world. Turkish Aegean Coast is undoubtedly the area in which it is worth noting during holiday travels. What you should know about this part of the world? What tourist attractions are waiting for the guests from distant countries?

Ephesus. Aegean Coast Tourist gem
History and archeology enthusiasts the opportunity to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus certainly will put the rapture. Centuries ago, a powerful Ionian city played a very important role, and stored on its premises monuments are the best proof of the power of this city. Tours will be happy to come here and waiting for these monuments allow not only to expand their knowledge of the ancient world, but also to experience a unique adventure. It remains a unique m. In. Odeon and the Temple of Hadrian, which worshiped the “divine emperors”. On the hillside Division preserved Roman theater, known not only with excellent acoustics, but also with a huge audience. Delight can also reconstructed Library of Celsus, which was built in the second century AD

Pergamon. In ancient sanatorium
One of those places that holiday on the Turkish Aegean coasts can not be overlooked, is the ancient city of Pergamon. We can still see the ruins of one of the most important in ancient times medicinal plant, on which watch Aesculapius – the god of medicine. Used here many innovative treatments and hot baths in addition, patients can benefit from psychotherapy. It is known that in Pergamum also began research on sleep, also taken the interpretation of individual dreams. Another attraction of this town are the ruins of the ancient Library of Pergamon, which were important to carefully copied manuscripts. Some of them went to the same time of Cleopatra. For more familiar with the history of the ancient Pergamum, is worth a visit to a new city that grew near the ruins. Here in Bergama, is full of exceptional collections of the Archaeological Museum, which presents monuments from the nearby quarries. The history of Pergamum can also refer to a distant Berlin, the biggest attraction is the Pergamon Museum, the Great Altar of Pergamon reconstruction. This unique work was created in honor of the mighty Zeus and the ancient times was very great importance.

Izmir. A visit to the ancient Smyrna
Today, the city is well-known as Izmir, but for many centuries functioned as Smyrna. The focal point of the city is Konak Square and Konak bay, after which you can take a unique tour of the tourist ferry. The most important at this point, however, is an archaeological site. Tempts agora and the Roman market, which traces the colonnade of the beginning of our era. Beautiful statues that were once the pride of the city, but now you can admire in the Archaeological Museum.

In the capital of Lydia
Sardis is another ancient city that so frequently visited by tour thirsty unique attractions. At one time it was one of the richest cities in the Aegean Coast, and as the capital of Lydia was of great political importance. It is known that the people of Sardis as early as the sixth century used the gold and silver coins. Here, in the golden city, was born the legend of the golden fleece. To date, the power of the city can provide preserved the ruins. For the greatest monument in this place is considered a temple built in honor of the goddess Artemis. Her neighbor is also interesting Byzantine church, which was founded in the fifth century. Another important monument is the city’s synagogue, which from the third century attracted the attention of everyone staying in this historic city.

The most beautiful beaches of the Aegean Coast
It is hard to imagine staying in the Aegean Coast without being able to rest on its fantastic beaches. Interesting beaches can be found in the vicinity of Izmir. Here one of the most interesting tourist resorts is Cesme, also known from the fourteenth – century fort. Possibilities also gives a wonderful holiday in Bodrum, also known from a powerful fortress and the picturesque harbor. Fashionable holiday resort in this part of Turkey is also Marmaris, which tempts and beautiful beaches, and interesting surroundings.

Lanckorona. Unusual town


Adjacent to the famous Calvary Zebrzydowska, and its picturesque location contributed to the development of tourism in the area. Although the city does not have rights, it is difficult to talk about it differently, how about a little town. It is one of the most beautiful places in the area of ​​the Beskid Makowski and its monuments can impress everyone. Lanckorona is without a doubt one of the most picturesque Polish towns that stand out and unique buildings, and extremely picturesque surroundings. What you should know about this town? What can visitors expect Lanckorona tourists?

A city with a rich history
Lanckorona is a place with a great history which can be found almost everywhere. Although in 1933, this city lost its civic rights, formerly played a very important role in the area. Lanckorona story begins in the twelfth century, when it was a simple royal village. Quickly, however, appreciated for its beauty and convenient location, so in the times of King Casimir the Great Lanckorona received city rights. Although the city has never grown up, played a major role. For centuries it was the property of a knight and a city famous for its trade and crafts. Were known Lanckorona markets and fairs, which attracted crowds.

Lanckorona did not omit important historical events and the turmoil of war. In the mid-seventeenth century, the city suffered from a serious invasion of the Swedes, but the most tragic events took place here in years, the Confederation of Bar (1768-1772). Near the town of bloody clashes occurred, and the local population today is about the heroic deeds of Casimir Pulaski and Maurice Beniowskiego.

In the nineteenth century as the city Lanckorona began to lose its importance, in 1933 finally lost its charter. Despite many adversities and difficult history to date on its territory retains many valuable monuments. It is thanks to them in contemporary Lanckorona thrives on tourism, and as a summer resort town is doing very well.
Monuments Lanckorona

Lanckorona can now admire the urban system. Large, sloping market surrounded by wooden houses mainly from the mid-nineteenth century make a great impression on staying in the village of tourists. Near the market, you can see another important monument. It is the parish church. John the Baptist. His oldest Gothic elements are the walls, dating back to the Casimir the Great. Its present character temple but received at the end of the nineteenth century, and its character can be described as an unusual combination of influences from Renaissance Baroque style.

A visit to the Mount Lanckorońska
Staying in this beautiful town is a must to take a walk on the Lanckorona Mountain. Along the way you can not only enjoy the view (the beautiful panorama of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska), but also the possibility to enjoy a pleasant stroll among beautiful trees. For Lanckorońska Mount waiting while another attraction for tourists and valuable monument. It ruins of the castle, which was built in the time of King Casimir the Great. The building is mainly made history as one of the most important resistance confederates. Today, his orderly ruins are one of the biggest attractions in the area of ​​Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and remind us of the long history of Lanckorona.

Lanckorona for tourists
It is worth remembering that Lanckorona is not only important for the history and architecture of the place. It is also a popular summer resort, where you can relax in a very enticing scenery. The peaceful atmosphere is ideal for relaxing and unique attractions around town waiting to effectively protect against boredom. Lanckorona town itself is remarkable, which attractive and unique charm certainly can not be denied.