Owl Mountains: mysterious underground and riddles of history


They are one of the most interesting belt, which may tempt tourists Sudetenland. Known for Great Owl and located on the observation tower, attractive castles, fortresses and mysterious subterranean, are a unique band. Owl Mountains is an area ideal for those who appreciate mountain tours and places extremely valuable from a historical point of view. What attractions await you in these beautiful mountains? Here is a small overview of the most important ones.

In the shadow of the mighty fortress
The picturesque town of Silver Mountain widely spread on the border between the mountains and the mountains Sowie Bardzkimi. It impresses with its beautiful surroundings and interesting routes for walkers and cyclists. Great buildings, which can be seen in the vicinity of the market and the old temples – these objects worthy of attention. What is most important, however, is at a distance from the city center. Priceless monument and the biggest attraction in this part of Lower Silesia is, after rising above the town fortress. Fortress in Silver Mountain is a unique object with which it is difficult to compete. The priceless relic from the mid-eighteenth century, consists of three forts, of which the biggest attraction is open to the public Donjon. In its vicinity is equally interesting fort Ostrog, which, however, can not be visited.

A visit to Głuszyca
Among the village deserving of attention was also Głuszyca. Is a town full of interesting sights, dominated by stylish villas belonging to local manufacturers. Most of them were built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. From this period comes from the local parish church. Głuszyca is also mysterious underground, which in the years 1943 to 1945 worked in this part of Lower Silesia Nazis. Today, a remarkable reminder of the Second World War, in the region of the Owl Mountains are just one – well known as the Underground City Osówka tunnels, from which so many secrets and speculation.

Walim. Mysterious tunnels and other attractions
German mysterious underground, where there will also be associated with World War II, you can also visit neighboring Głuszyca factory complex. Walim itself as a town with a beautiful location and interesting building is the goal of many a trip and one of the most beautiful places in the Owl Mountains. Drifts Walimskie made, however, that of the town became loud across the country. Numerous historical mysteries and puzzles, which in this village is not missing, they do have a maximum power of attraction.

Breath history Zagorze Slaskie
Meeting with the history and unique architecture – the motto may well be another trip to advertise tourist resort in the Owl Mountains. It is the Silesian Zagorze which became the most important attraction of Grodno Castle. Interesting building of the fourteenth century, stands proudly at the top of Choiny and still maintains its powerful, solid Gothic. Tourists have fun here ensures Brotherhood of Knights, and the local staff of the Regional Museum ensure that, to and knowledge about this place was in a dignified manner communicated to the public. An additional attraction, thanks to which Zagorze Slaskie over a hundred years copes well as a summer resort, there are areas of the Owl Mountains Landscape Park with its many trails.

Great Owl: unusual peak
Owl Mountains is not only of interest for history lovers, but also an ideal area for lovers of mountain excursions. Peak, which is a must visit this place is Great Owl. Lead to its numerous hiking trails, and one of the most popular points menopausal became Walim. There is also enough excellent routes for cyclists and skiers. This makes the Great Owl summit attractive in all seasons. Great Owl counts 1015 This is the highest point above sea level, which can boast the Owl Mountains. Its decoration is a stone observation tower – one of many such facilities, which can be seen when hiking through the Sudetenland. It was built in the early twentieth century, and the initiators of its creation were local activists who want to promote tourism in the Owl Mountains. To this day it is one of the major attractions in the area and the main purpose of a trip.

Owl Mountains have their own charm. Beautiful cities and towns over the years are frequented by tourists and hunters history. Thanks to the unique monuments of the area tourism is growing well, and accommodation can be found here at almost every step. Waiting hotels, boarding houses and dormitories, but the most popular are more numerous in the area farmhouses. For all the tourists waiting in the Owl Mountains great views and places that provide long thrill.


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