Majorca. Island attractive to everyone.


There is an island, on which lovers dream travel and leisure at the highest level. It is tempting, beautiful coastline, full of picturesque coves and sandy beaches. This Mallorca – tourist paradise, full of sunshine and unique attractions. The largest of all the islands of the archipelago known as the Balearic his exceptional career in the travel industry has already begun in the nineteenth century, however, until after World War II became a place well known and respected throughout the world. Why the popularity of the Spanish island? Why make it a dream of many a traveler?

Island many opportunities
Mallorca is an island, where everyone will find the ideal way of spending free time. Surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea is primarily an ideal place for lovers of sunbathing and water sports. Beaches and bays occupy an important place in the landscape and are the greatest attraction of the island. It is a mistake, however, that holiday in Majorca is only lazing by the water. The mountain ranges that cross the island, there are perhaps too high for this area ideal for hiking or cycling tours on their premises a lot. Majorca is also a beautiful city and secluded villages where you can not only feel the insular climate, but to see a lot of interesting sights.
Majorca surprises its richness and diversity, and tourism takes on many faces here. They are fashionable resorts for the elite of the world, are and secluded places where you will find many attractions for everyone, even those less wealthy tourists. We are happy to give you a chance to relax visited and explore the most beautiful places on the island. Good communication makes it easy to move around the area, and the Mediterranean climate makes it the weather does not have to worry. How, then, can relax in Mallorca?

A visit to the capital of Majorca
Palma certainly deserves the attention of tourists for several reasons. First of all – is the largest and most important city on the island, on the other hand – you can see a lot of interesting buildings and learn about the history of Majorca through the museum’s operating establishments here. Walk through Palma can certainly provide many thrills and become a nice diversion for fans of sunbathing.
One of the most interesting objects in the palms are Arab Baths. You can see them in the place where in the early Middle Ages, there was the Arab village, which falls on the end times of the Spanish settlement on the island. Same baths built in the tenth century and are now not only the most oriental, but also the oldest monument of the city. Slightly younger than the object is rising above the Palm castle, known as the Castell de Bellver. This building from the early fourteenth century, proudly rising over the city and the bay of Palma. The views from the castle hill are great, and even the castle itself looks great.
Palma also has a unique object, which is considered one of the most important religious monuments on the island. It’s a massive cathedral La Seu, whose construction began in 1230. On her visit to dealing with a lot of time. Beautiful furnishings of the church and several interesting side chapels decorated makes a great impression on visitors. Here you can best feel and Spanish pride, and power as the city of Palma is utilizing a lot of profits from a position near the sea trade routes.
Being in Palma is necessary to look to its museums. Of special note here Krekovicia Museum, which presents the work of contemporary artist from Croatia. Through his work, you can get to know both the lives of the inhabitants of the former America and Spain. Guests can also visit the local Diocesan Museum, where she found a place for themselves an interesting collection of Arab ceramics and ancient coin collection. These and old copies of the Bible, a sacred images, as well as unique liturgical objects. Another very important institution is the Museum of Mallorca. You can learn about the history of the island from the days when the Arabs ruled on it, I shall not also valuable objects from archaeological sites. This museum contains a wealth of knowledge about the island and its former inhabitants, which is certainly worth a visit.
Palma can also boast magnificent coastline. Near the town you can find both convenient beaches and picturesque ports. One of them is the Port de Pesca, reserved for local fishermen. Kusi also more elitist and tourist haven, known as the Club de Mar. Here mainly cruise ships dock and elegant yachts, and many units stationed here its shape resembles a floating residences.

Alcudia Old Town
Alcudia is second only to Palma city whose Mallorca during a visit not to be missed. It is without doubt one of the biggest attractions in the north – eastern part of the island, and deserves special attention its oldest part. Old Town reminds best that formerly it was Alcudia island served as the capital city and its area is concentrated political and economic life of the island. You can today see parts of the old city walls with impressive gates, but about the Roman period like mementos from ancient times. One of the most valuable is the Roman theater, although many interesting exhibits can be seen also in the local museum.

In a world of fashionable resorts
The most beautiful and most popular bathing tourists holiday resorts can be found a short distance from Palma, in the western part of the island. Just from this city to head west to reach a world perfect for lovers of relaxation and sunbathing. One of the most important village, located closest to the palm trees at the same time, it is Cala Major. In the resort created both private villas and hotels to serve tourists from all over the world. Another popular tourist town with a typical character here is Camp de Mar, known for its cliff coastline and charming beach.
A great career in the tourist industry also made Palma Nova, known for its beautiful beach and a dense network of hotels. Due to the conditions prevailing here and excellent management is an extremely popular destination for the whole family. Another extremely lively resort of Magaluf is nearby, with a summer resort exceptionally long history.
On the east coast of the island to the busiest tourist destinations include Cala Millor and Cala Rajada. Here is much calmer Cala Sant Vicenc, which is the resort attracts mainly artists.

The most interesting parts of the island
Those who want to see during your stay in Mallorca space beautiful, yet little known, and they have the opportunity. Certainly worth a go on a trip to the abandoned monastery in Sa Trapa, known not only for its impressive buildings, but also very picturesque setting. A must on the island to visit the most important pilgrimage center, which became a monastery in Lluc. Pilgrims came here in the thirteenth century, and today this huge monastery complex is not only a place of pilgrimage, but who want to tour with his own eyes to see this extraordinary place.
From the monastery is also related to Valldemossa, known primarily as a place where he rested Frederic Chopin and George Sand. This interesting monastery, decorated in a former royal palace, is today one of the most interesting and the most important monuments on the island. And it is possible to see, and other attractions, including built in the early fourteenth century, the palace of the king Sancza.
Another interesting village is situated at a distance of 20 km from Palma Binisalem. It’s produced here are the best on the island of wine, and the vineyards are very famous all over the world. Well worth the town of Costitx, which is known primarily from the extremely valuable archaeological finds. With great history can also be found in the medieval town of Arta, also known Sanctuary. Salvador and full of valuable archaeological museum exhibits.
Those who want to experience the mountain atmosphere of Majorca, can visit the most beautiful village situated in the mountains. One of them is Deia, the second – Fornalutx. In this village you can feel like a traveler who takes a journey through time. A modest buildings, in which stands the church of the seventeenth century, a small stone cottages and the nearby citrus groves that make this place can admire its atmosphere. Alternatively, visit the smallest village on the island, which is called the Orient. He lives here only about 20 people. Picturesque, quiet and peaceful tourist destination is often from a nearby Palma. Many attractions are waiting for the tourists in Soller, known for its beautiful Botanical Gardens and full of valuable collections of the Museum of Natural History.
History buffs should definitely go well Capdepera, known for its wicker items and mighty castle built on a hill above the city. It’s an interesting building of the fourteenth century, which was formerly the residents provide protection so frequent in this region from pirate attacks.

Insular Places
Majorca is not only fashionable beaches and resorts. It’s numerous tourist attractions and wonderful creations of nature. Being in the area of ​​Palm Genovy visit caves that can be visited with a local guide. Beautiful caves can also be seen in Campanet – the old town, where tourists rarely look it. A pity, because decorated in local caves underground route is one of the best ways to explore the underground beauty of Majorca. This route goes back 1,300 m, and during the journey through the underground maze you can enjoy interesting dripstone. It is also interesting cave are Calobra, founded in the rock flowing into the sea. You can see it in the near Escorcy, you can also get a boat cruise through the cruise departs from the nearby Port de Soller. The greatest fame, however, won the caves in Arta, discovered in the late nineteenth century.
A frequent destination for Mallorca is Alfabia, which brought worldwide fame local gardens. Alfàbia from Palma is only a few kilometers, so a trip to this place is not a major problem. And certainly worth it, because the local Arab gardens surprise with its beauty and unique form. You can see both historical buildings and the magnificent specimens of trees and shrubs. Palms, begonias and roses of Jericho – all waiting for tourists in the gardens where you can spend a nice time in a unique setting.
There are also places for having fun can enjoy the whole family. One such attraction is the aquarium in Cala d’en Blanses, just 10 km from Palma. Here you can watch dolphins at play, you can also see a flock of sea lions and sharks. And there is also a beautiful aquarium and terrarium, and demonstrations are an additional attraction to fish pearls.
Lovers of beautiful plants should instead visit Botanicactus, which is located approximately 50 km from Palma Botanical Garden, considered to be the largest of its kind in Europe garden. On its site, you can see as many as 400 species of cactus, which are very impressive with their shapes and sizes.

Majorca is an island attractive for everyone .
Here the history, modernity and the possibility of a comfortable holiday on the beach come together in a coherent whole. Beautiful buildings and picturesque scenery certainly deserve attention. You can explore the island, both during road-trips, cruises and cruise ferry. There is also enough interesting walking and cycling routes, which will certainly appreciate the more active tourists.


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