Land of fashionable resorts and rock towns


The specific relief and unique rock formations made the Table Mountains have long been appreciated and frequented by tourists. This is one of the most beautiful spots, which may tempt Sudetenland. What you have to see during our tour of the area? At that place you need to pay special attention to?

The finest resorts in Poland, which is unusual trio
The three resorts located in the Table Mountains have long gained recognition finest spas in Lower Silesia. For years they have enjoyed great popularity, and the lack of interest bathers and tourists complain they can not. Numerous hiking trails make you choose to access them on an extraordinary trip, a beautiful spa parks and buildings make it to the site of interest also missing. Each of these resorts has its own unique character. In Dusznikach waiting for visitors unusual Paper Museum, which is housed in the historic mill. Known since the seventeenth century as a popular resort Kudowa also can enchant. Great pump room and well maintained spa park make it a one of the most beautiful places in this part of the Polish. In Kudowie can also visit the unique Museum of Toys and take a journey through time – just take a trail Vanishing Trades. The most famous spa trio of Lower Silesia was also Polanica. And here waiting spa park and the pump room. The great attraction is, however, the local Glassworks Art, which created a unique work of art. It is also a place famous lovers Polanica precious stones. Waiting for them here full of unusual specimens Gemstone Museum, which certainly deserves attention.

Towns, which delight
Smaller towns lying in the Table Mountains can also impress. One of them is Lewin, who delights with its buildings and stately stone viaduct. Another town, which is a must to visit is Radkow. The town is an excellent starting Punta Szczeliniec Great, and its center impresses interesting buildings. Beautiful monument is the local church. Dorothy looks great old houses on the market. Also noteworthy Wambierzyce, which is an important center of worship. Stations of the Cross and the Church of the Visitation make Wambierzyce “Kłodzka Jerusalem,” and the most important pilgrimage center in this part of the country. Waiting also a small museum and some interesting hiking trails.

Visit the
One of the most famous ski resorts in Poland Zieleniec – the highest situated village in our country. Is known for its excellent conditions for winter sports and excellent infrastructure. For the perfect place to ski for the whole family. Also noteworthy Czermna – city formerly known as an independent country, and today – part of Kudowa. Here attracts a unique chapel, which was created out of human skulls – victims of the epidemic. The perfect destination for mountain lovers Karłów tours is that as a summer resort gaining more and more recognition.

Magic corners of the Table Mountains
Many of the unique attractions await in the mountains – with popular hiking trails and local summits. Table Mountains undoubtedly can admire numerous sites of great. One of these is the greatest reserve Errant Rocks – rock labyrinth, which is one of the biggest attractions in the whole of the Sudeten Mountains. Often called rock city is one of the most unusual nature reserves throughout the country. Szczeliniec as the highest peak of the band as well as the greatest vantage point also deserves recognition. Its additional attraction is also a shelter – one of the oldest buildings of this type that have arisen in the Sudetenland. Many interesting experiences may also provide migration among Skalnych Mushroom – another group of rocks that make such great recognition in the eyes of the tourists won the Table Mountains.

The beauty of the Table Mountains and an abundance of fun – these are the main reasons for the success of tourism in the region. Excellent management makes the accommodation can be found here, and a comfortable recreation centers, and a growing number of agro-tourism. Waiting for camping and mountain refuges, and each property can be a great starting point to the mountains.


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