Lanckorona. Unusual town


Adjacent to the famous Calvary Zebrzydowska, and its picturesque location contributed to the development of tourism in the area. Although the city does not have rights, it is difficult to talk about it differently, how about a little town. It is one of the most beautiful places in the area of ​​the Beskid Makowski and its monuments can impress everyone. Lanckorona is without a doubt one of the most picturesque Polish towns that stand out and unique buildings, and extremely picturesque surroundings. What you should know about this town? What can visitors expect Lanckorona tourists?

A city with a rich history
Lanckorona is a place with a great history which can be found almost everywhere. Although in 1933, this city lost its civic rights, formerly played a very important role in the area. Lanckorona story begins in the twelfth century, when it was a simple royal village. Quickly, however, appreciated for its beauty and convenient location, so in the times of King Casimir the Great Lanckorona received city rights. Although the city has never grown up, played a major role. For centuries it was the property of a knight and a city famous for its trade and crafts. Were known Lanckorona markets and fairs, which attracted crowds.

Lanckorona did not omit important historical events and the turmoil of war. In the mid-seventeenth century, the city suffered from a serious invasion of the Swedes, but the most tragic events took place here in years, the Confederation of Bar (1768-1772). Near the town of bloody clashes occurred, and the local population today is about the heroic deeds of Casimir Pulaski and Maurice Beniowskiego.

In the nineteenth century as the city Lanckorona began to lose its importance, in 1933 finally lost its charter. Despite many adversities and difficult history to date on its territory retains many valuable monuments. It is thanks to them in contemporary Lanckorona thrives on tourism, and as a summer resort town is doing very well.
Monuments Lanckorona

Lanckorona can now admire the urban system. Large, sloping market surrounded by wooden houses mainly from the mid-nineteenth century make a great impression on staying in the village of tourists. Near the market, you can see another important monument. It is the parish church. John the Baptist. His oldest Gothic elements are the walls, dating back to the Casimir the Great. Its present character temple but received at the end of the nineteenth century, and its character can be described as an unusual combination of influences from Renaissance Baroque style.

A visit to the Mount Lanckorońska
Staying in this beautiful town is a must to take a walk on the Lanckorona Mountain. Along the way you can not only enjoy the view (the beautiful panorama of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska), but also the possibility to enjoy a pleasant stroll among beautiful trees. For Lanckorońska Mount waiting while another attraction for tourists and valuable monument. It ruins of the castle, which was built in the time of King Casimir the Great. The building is mainly made history as one of the most important resistance confederates. Today, his orderly ruins are one of the biggest attractions in the area of ​​Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and remind us of the long history of Lanckorona.

Lanckorona for tourists
It is worth remembering that Lanckorona is not only important for the history and architecture of the place. It is also a popular summer resort, where you can relax in a very enticing scenery. The peaceful atmosphere is ideal for relaxing and unique attractions around town waiting to effectively protect against boredom. Lanckorona town itself is remarkable, which attractive and unique charm certainly can not be denied.


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