Jurassic attractions in Poland. Olkusz city


Jurrasic attactions. Olkusz.

Located only about 30 kilometeres from Krakow, Olkusz is one of the most interesting places in Krakow-Czestochowa Upland. It is an important mining and metallurgical center which is more and more willingly visited by trips due to its history and fascinating monuments.

What can be seen in this city? What do you have to know about Olkusz?

From the city’s history
Olkusz is mentioned in the documents from the 1250s. Possibly it was given town privileges at the end of the century. There are many fragments of old fortifications left in the city which probably means it was a significant place. It is known that Olkusz was surrounded by defensive walls with many towers, and there were three gates leading to the city. The city was developing particularly well because of vicinity of lead ores mine and important trading routes. Between the XIV and XVI century the time was quite prosperous. Unfortunately, the good times ended in the XVII century. There is not much left today after the mining traditions. Good infrastructure and interesting monuments make Olkusz a place that is attractive for the tourists. So what brings so many trips to this mining city?

The monuments
Parts of city walls and the tower are reminiscents of the city’s prosperity. People interested in a bit younger monuments can visit Olkusz town square. It is decorated by many tenement houses, mostly built in the XIX century. Many of them actually have historical basements which results from the fact that the tenement houses were build on the foundation of older settlements. A previous monument, which cannot be omitted while visiting the city, is Basilica Minor of Saint Andrew the Apostle. It is a perfect example of gothic architecture. It was build between the XIII and XIV century and there are many treasures inside it. One of them is a XV-century gothic altar, however most of the tourists pay
attention to the Hans Hummel’s organs made in XVII century. They are mostly known from the concerts played in the basilica. The Organ Music Festival brings many admirers of this kind of music to Olkusz, and indeed the music sounds astonishing in this surrounding.

Museums in Olkusz
Olkusz also has some fascinating museum facilities. The Firefighting Museum is one of the most interesting places although many people also visit the Wicker Museum. The one-of-a-kind attractin is African museum where a splendid collection of clothes and musical instruments from all around Africa can be admired.

Due to the well-developed tourism it is easier to find accommodation here. There are a hotels and youth hostels for the organized tourist groups as well as a growing number of private accommodations for individual tourists offered by local people. Thanks to them, you can find a perfect place for yourself to stay as well as you can explore the beauty of Olkusz and its surroundings.


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