Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska for active in Poland


Kraków – Częstochowa Upland for the active ones

Kraków – Częstochowa Upland, extremaly popular among the admirers of the medieval castles, can charm all lovers of the active tourism with its attractions. For them, area of the Upland can turn out to be a perfect place. It is known, that its terrain is very valued by the hikers. Interesting trips there allow us to visit many precious monuments as well as getting to know the beauty of its nature. A dense net of hiking trails makes the trips to the Upland interesting every time. The most popular trail is Szlak Orlich Gniazd (the Trail of Eagles’ Nests), to which an attractive addition may be Szlak Warowni Jurajskich (the Trail of Jura’s Strongholds). Szlak Tysiąclecia (the Millennium Trail) and Szlak Zamonitu (Zamonit trail) are another interesting trails for hikers. The picturesque hiking trails also lead through Dolinki Jurajskie (the Jura’s Valleys). Szlak Ziemi Chrzanowskiej is an important attraction on the tourist map of Jura. Szlak Pustynny (the Desert Trail), where the Błędowska Desert and the Smoleński Trail are the biggest attractions, is another interesting suggestion. Szlak Jaskiniowców (the Cavemen Trail), located in the area of Smoleń, is a great attraction especially for the admirers of history.

Not so many people realize that Kraków – Częstochowa Upland is also a perfect place for skiing. Ski jumping await in the towns like Morsko, Pilica or Jaroszowiec. In the winter, the fans of cross country skiing can also find the perfect conditions.

Interesting ski runs can be found in the vicinity of Pilica and Rzędkowice. Paczółtowice also attract tourist with its professional runs. The horse tourism is yet another form of active tourism which successfully expands in the Upland. Multiple riding centers and trails for horses provide many interesting possibilities. The most popular riding centers are in Cracow and Częstochowa but it is also worth visiting Mirów and Modlnica. Ojców, Olsztyn and Złoty Potok are other places where the fans of horse riding can find perfect conditions. The biggest challenge for every admirer of this kind of tourism is completing the Trans-Jura Equestrian Trail which is 250 kilometers long.

Bicycle rental points are more and more common in the Upland and multiple cycling routes allow to organize many interesting cycling trips. The most fascinating route is, without doubt, the Jurassic Trail of Eagles’ Nests which is almost 190 kilometers long. Another interesting trails for cyclers was also created in the vicinity of Olsztyn, Góry Sokole (Hawks’s Mountains) as well as between Poraj and Morsko. Many cyclers can be amazed with the cycling route leading through the Dolinki Podkrakowskie (Valleys close to Cracow) and the famous Pętla Krzeszowicka (Krzeszowice’s Loop?). There is the Cycling Didactic Route waiting for tourists between Zawiercie and Ogrodzieniec and the interesting Metallurgical Route between Myszkowo and Poraje.

In the area of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, the rock climbing is also developing excellently. There are perfect conditions for it near Olsztyn, Mirów and Jarzmanowice. Berkowa Mountain and Rzędkowice Rocks are a climbing paradise. Many interesting routes can be found in Close to Cracow Valleys, especially in Kobylańska Valley and Będkowska Valley.

Sailing is a little less known sport in Jura. However, people interested in water activities know well where to look for the attractive places. Cracow’s Reservoir of Bagry, Porajski Reservoir and Reservoir in Kryspinów have become for them important trips’ destination a long time ago.


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