It’s been 15 years … We return to the Camp Nou!


Then I saw the most joy and despair per square meter – this sentence best describes everything that has happened on 26 May 1999 at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona. It was one of the most dramatic matches in the history of football. Come to the fore the two powers: Manchester United and Bayern Munich.

Inconspicuous beginning
90,000 spectators in the stands, 89 television stations transmit information to the 201 countries in the world. This is the biggest football event in 1999! Meeting before the first whistle was very special. This is the first final in the history of the Champions League, in which there is no Italian club.
Manchester came out on the pitch in the traditional red and white clothes. On the other side is placed a team from Munich in gray and purple colors. The composition of the English team did not run out of stars such as Beckham, Cole, Neville, and Schmeichel. The German team could not miss Oliver Kahn, Zickler and Jancker. The evening began with Italian referee Pierluigi Collina.
Match from the first minute was at a high level. Both teams from the beginning gave their all.
In 6 minutes into the match, the defender Manchester fouls just before Jancker penalty area. The referee gives a free kick. To pick Mario Basler and comes with a beautiful gool placed in the lower right corner of the goal Peter Schmeichel.
The “red devils” wanted to quickly crumple loss, but this evening was not defending opponents to pass. Despite the lead Bavarians did not retreat into his own goal. The game was still very dynamic, ball wandering from one area to another.
For the first half of the referee counted for 1 minute. The team from Manchester for a break in the grave mood descended. They knew that they have only 45 minutes to change a favorable outcome.

Calm before the storm
For the second half, both teams came out with a new supply of strength and properly motivated by their trainers. The show continued. Germany from the beginning rushed to the attack. They created a few favorable situation. The result remained constant. Manchester United became absent for some time. In the remainder of the game took place in the middle of the pitch. Goalkeepers from both teams did not have too much work. This was not the fault of poor play of both teams, but very well LISTED defensive formations that played flawlessly.
After 55 minutes, an excellent opportunity missed Jesper Blomqvist, after his shot went wide Oliver Kahn’s goal.
Later in the meeting, they can watch a lot of Obstructions on the side of both teams. They resulted from the pressure that the players zafundowało meeting.
90 minutes to Manchester he could not find a way past the goalie. Subs Bayerny was waiting for the final whistle. They were sure of the final success. Englishmen against the entire meeting wrote down a bit worse than their rivals so nobody was counting on surprise.
In the game, there were a few interruptions due to fouls and changes. Judge for regular playing time decided added three minutes. Manchester United fans in the stands to pray for a miracle and ….

90 + 3 = horror
91 minutes of the meeting. Corner kick for the “Red Devils”. All players of Manchester and run past the opponent’s box. Cross captures one of the players of Bayern, put away the ball from their own goal. This falls under the feet of Ryan Giggs, who without thinking shoots flight path changes even Teddy Sheringham (placed on the square the game a few minutes earlier), and in a moment may raise your hands up! The result becomes an open question!
Both fans as players and coaches enjoyed the English club if they won the whole meeting. And it was the equalizing goal, so they are still waiting for extra time, and if he did not bring the settlement, the match would decide the fate of the criminal chewed.
But there was no overtime. She became something unexpected.
In 93 minutes into added time, Manchester United plunged the German club.
Another corner for the english. Ball into the box sent by David Beckham. It goes Sheringham head that neither shoots than it dumps it on but Ole Gunnar Solskjær, and this charge, making it a goal Kahn. Bayern players are in shock Bayern fans are shocked, shocked half the viewers on television.
Praying now fans jumping for joy, while newcomers from Germany can not believe what happened in the last three minutes of the meeting. But victory was at hand.
In an interview coach pomeczowym Manchester United – Sir Alex Ferguson said the words “Football, bloody hell.” Today these words are regarded as historical, and the interview with the coach is considered to be one of the most important.
A few years later, in turn, it turns out that the Norwegian goal was perhaps the most important of his career, but he also paid a big price for it. The same can not be hit, but for the joy tackle after him – not so. That’s when it damaged. I remember after the game we all enjoyed, and Ole went and said: ” damaged my knee ”. Since then he has always had a problem with him – said Teddy Sheringham.
After 1999, Solskjær career is one big band injury. But who knows if you have to choose such an important goal in such an amazing game, or a full football health and so would not have chosen the former.
How little it takes to joy turned to sadness and defeat became a success. It should be remembered, however, that it is undeniable strength and beauty of football, sport not only of the 20th century, but certainly also the next century …


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