In the state of capital suski.


It is well known to tourists, and its monuments undoubtedly deserve attention. Beautifully situated, stunning many curiosities, Sucha Beskidzka is one of the most interesting places in the Polish Beskidy. What you should know about this unique place? What tourist attractions are waiting for the guests? Here is a small guide for those who decide to visit during the holidays is a unique place.

Unusual location
The attractiveness of Sucha Beskidzka already decided the same position. In the area of ​​contact with each other until three mountain groups: Frequency Pewelskie, Beskid Makowski and Beskid Zywiec. Sam Suska Basin, which spread to Sucha Beskidzka can admire breathtaking views and attractions. This is the place where boredom can not complain. Flowing through the dry river Skawa is an additional advantage of this place and an important element of the local landscape.

From the pages of history
Sucha Beskidzka has a long history. In the past, it has played an important role in the region, and as the capital of the so-called. Suski state became famous throughout the country. The first settlers arrived in the area as early as the thirteenth century. They were Walachian shepherds, so that in the area of ​​Sucha created many large villages. The most famous men Sucha and the entire state suski be m. In. among Slupsk. After them was owned by an Italian dry, Gaspaer Castiglione, which will in the sixteenth century castle was built here, modeled on Wawel Castle. This suski Wawel to this day is one of the most important monuments in the Beskid Mountains. Kasper Suski, because such a name adopted in Italy during his stay in Sucha, to this day is one of the most important figures in the history of the region. Other well-known masters of Sucha were Komorowski, in times where Sucha Beskidzka from surrounding villages evolved into a powerful state magnate. In an era in Sucha created Komorowski also found a church and monastery, also developed economy. From the seventeenth to the mid-nineteenth century, the state was owned Wielopolski Suski. Unfortunately, it was also a time of gradual collapse of its meaning. In the days of the Bar Confederation dry, like many nearby towns, seriously suffered from within its area of ​​fighting. About confederate remembers fallen here today, and remind them numerous plaques and Confederate shrines. One of them is at the top Jasień. Recently, the village was in Tarnow, Office for suski castle in the interwar period. During World War II, the castle was occupied by the Germans, who have arranged their barracks here. During the occupation, near Sucha Beskidzka important boundary ran behind which lay the grounds of the General Government. As a border town, was dry at this time of great strategic importance. However, the locals resisted, and conspiracy developed at a rapid pace here.

Sucha Beskidzka for tourists
Contemporary Sucha Beskidzka is primarily an important tourist resort. Scenic areas make tourism here is very good. More and more guest houses and private accommodation where tourists can stay overnight. Here, you can focus on seeing the sights and exploring Sucha its history, and you can also start a mountain tour. Good communication makes no problems and you can use these trails, which take their origin in the surrounding towns. In the same Sucha Beskidzka also can not complain about boredom. Beautiful sights, including the famous castle and regional inn “Rome” acting in a historic building, are the biggest attractions Sucha. Numerous tourist attractions await also in neighboring towns, which is definitely worth a visit when traveling through the Beskid Mountains.



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