In the footsteps of the past by the Turkish coast.


It is an ideal area for a holiday to relax and area known for its numerous attractions. Here Turkey shows its unique qualities, which for years delighted with travelers from all over the world. Turkish Aegean Coast is undoubtedly the area in which it is worth noting during holiday travels. What you should know about this part of the world? What tourist attractions are waiting for the guests from distant countries?

Ephesus. Aegean Coast Tourist gem
History and archeology enthusiasts the opportunity to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus certainly will put the rapture. Centuries ago, a powerful Ionian city played a very important role, and stored on its premises monuments are the best proof of the power of this city. Tours will be happy to come here and waiting for these monuments allow not only to expand their knowledge of the ancient world, but also to experience a unique adventure. It remains a unique m. In. Odeon and the Temple of Hadrian, which worshiped the “divine emperors”. On the hillside Division preserved Roman theater, known not only with excellent acoustics, but also with a huge audience. Delight can also reconstructed Library of Celsus, which was built in the second century AD

Pergamon. In ancient sanatorium
One of those places that holiday on the Turkish Aegean coasts can not be overlooked, is the ancient city of Pergamon. We can still see the ruins of one of the most important in ancient times medicinal plant, on which watch Aesculapius – the god of medicine. Used here many innovative treatments and hot baths in addition, patients can benefit from psychotherapy. It is known that in Pergamum also began research on sleep, also taken the interpretation of individual dreams. Another attraction of this town are the ruins of the ancient Library of Pergamon, which were important to carefully copied manuscripts. Some of them went to the same time of Cleopatra. For more familiar with the history of the ancient Pergamum, is worth a visit to a new city that grew near the ruins. Here in Bergama, is full of exceptional collections of the Archaeological Museum, which presents monuments from the nearby quarries. The history of Pergamum can also refer to a distant Berlin, the biggest attraction is the Pergamon Museum, the Great Altar of Pergamon reconstruction. This unique work was created in honor of the mighty Zeus and the ancient times was very great importance.

Izmir. A visit to the ancient Smyrna
Today, the city is well-known as Izmir, but for many centuries functioned as Smyrna. The focal point of the city is Konak Square and Konak bay, after which you can take a unique tour of the tourist ferry. The most important at this point, however, is an archaeological site. Tempts agora and the Roman market, which traces the colonnade of the beginning of our era. Beautiful statues that were once the pride of the city, but now you can admire in the Archaeological Museum.

In the capital of Lydia
Sardis is another ancient city that so frequently visited by tour thirsty unique attractions. At one time it was one of the richest cities in the Aegean Coast, and as the capital of Lydia was of great political importance. It is known that the people of Sardis as early as the sixth century used the gold and silver coins. Here, in the golden city, was born the legend of the golden fleece. To date, the power of the city can provide preserved the ruins. For the greatest monument in this place is considered a temple built in honor of the goddess Artemis. Her neighbor is also interesting Byzantine church, which was founded in the fifth century. Another important monument is the city’s synagogue, which from the third century attracted the attention of everyone staying in this historic city.

The most beautiful beaches of the Aegean Coast
It is hard to imagine staying in the Aegean Coast without being able to rest on its fantastic beaches. Interesting beaches can be found in the vicinity of Izmir. Here one of the most interesting tourist resorts is Cesme, also known from the fourteenth – century fort. Possibilities also gives a wonderful holiday in Bodrum, also known from a powerful fortress and the picturesque harbor. Fashionable holiday resort in this part of Turkey is also Marmaris, which tempts and beautiful beaches, and interesting surroundings.


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