How to go on holiday without going bankrupt?


It may seem easy but in fact it’s not. Why? When we go on holiday of our dreams, we certainly don’t think about saving money. We want to use this time as best as we can, thus, we buy a lot, spending a lot. We don’t spare money for various pleasures. We buy everything we want, without even thinking if it is really useful to us. And the expenses become even bigger when we travel with kids. Everything we hear is our children begging: “Mummy, please, buy me this… Daddy, please, buy me that…” Then, after relaxation at the great (and expensive) holiday we come back home, happy and joyful. Up to a point. It is difficult to get used to the upsetting reality when we are poor as a church mouse and, what is worse, we are obliged to pay the credit taken for going to holidays. Was it really necessary to be that wasteful? Is using all the budget on holiday really unavoidable? It is not. But how is it possible to catch a good holiday offer without even looking for it? If you put certain effort, you’ll get the result. Most of us don’t bother with looking for attractive (and cheap) offers of accommodation, food or sightseeing. Most of us go on holiday without preparations, without even reading opinions about the destination of their trip. How are they supposed to know that they weren’t cheated if they don’t know the rates in this place? All in all, holiday may be great and cheap but:

Firstly, you have to take a look on the offers. Accommodation often consumes most of the money prepared for the trip, thus you should reduce this expense as much as possible. It is reasonable to check the offers of hotels, hostels, guest houses and private accommodation and choose the one that suits us best (also in the financial terms).

Secondly, the transport. You have to choose the most efficient means of transport. Going by car may be a very economical option, but a far trip with children in a car may be too exhausting. There are many discounts and special offers during holiday time, for instance on railway. If we want to travel by plane, we should book the tickets as soon as two months before going! Buying the tickets just before the departure may sometimes also be a good alternative (if the tickets weren’t already sold out, of course). Sometimes the tickets that weren’t sold can be bought relatively cheaply before the trip. However, it cannot be predicted to which place and for how long such ticket will be valid. Moreover, those special offers are only for 1-2 people, mostly. So it is an option for people who haven’t decided yet or who are available.

Furthermore, it is worth deciding on the amount of money that we can actually spend during the trip. It is good to try and (precisely!) estimate all costs. It is important not to spend more. Self-discipline is the key.
In addition, we shouldn’t take loans (especially in a suspicious institutions) unless we are sure that we can pay them back soon.

You have to organize holiday that you can afford. You shouldn’t be ashamed that we want to spend as little as possible. You shouldn’t feel ‘worse’, but smarter! The budget doesn’t actually have to limit our holiday aspirations. Even the trip that we potentially can’t afford can be organized for the amount of money that we have.


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