Greek islands and their attractions. Chios


Greek islands and their attractions. Chios.

It is one of the most important islands which tempt in the Aegean Islands. Homer, who was born there, mentioned about his “small homeland” in his works. Today, Chios is an important destination for tourists and one of those islands where you can spend a wonderful holidays.

What attractions await for guests here? What absolutely must be seen during a trip to this island?
Rocky and remarkable, tempting with its unusual climate – such characteristics of this island can be seen the most often. It can surprise with its richness. There is a scenic port and a multitude of interesting monuments here. Most of them remind us of the time of Byzantium. At the same time, Chios is an island which has a lot of quality in terms of tourism. Many beautiful beaches as well as numerous resorts are located here. In there, you can find rooms and a lot of additional attractions without any problems.

The most important place in the tourist map of this island is Chion – the capital as well as the most important harbour. It can surprise with its modern character and almost complete lack of monuments. It is a result of a massive earthquake which occured in the XIX century and almost completely destroyed the center of the city. Despite that, you cannot complain of the lack of attractions in this city. It is definitely worth visiting the local museums (such as the Archeological Museum or the Byzantine Museum) and local markets. Chion is one of the most important places on this island where the tourism is developing extremaly well. There is nothing surprising in the fact that it is easiest to get a room with a full board there. This city can also surprise with the perfect conditions for a relaxation. There are many beaches near it. A beach in Karfas is considered to be the most fascinating one. Emborios also tempts with its magnificent beaches. It is a city known as a port and a seaside resort where there are many accommodations for renting as well as taverns.

On Chion, there are also many places where you can still see the traditional industry. One of the biggest curiosities on this island are the villiges where resin is gathered. Those settlements have their own special character. Armolia is one of the most important ones. In there, you can also get to know the traditional pottery. During the trip through the south part of the island, it is worth visiting a bit more known town called Pirgi. Not only a joyful atmosphere but also a few interesting monuments await for tourists here. The Byzantine church from the XII century is one of the most vital ones. Mesta is yet another splendid village where a great temple (the biggest church on the whole island) is the biggest attraction. You can find unique accommodations for the night here. Antique houses, which can provide not only a special atmosphere, but also a quite big comfort after a renovation, have the biggest appeal.

The Nea Moni monastery, which is located in the central part of the island, desserves a pecial attention among many other monuments that this island has to offer. It is considered to be one of the most magnificent medieval monument which Greece can boast about. It is known from its wonderful icon. The mosaics, which decorate its interior, are also bringing tourists there. In the


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