Greek entertainment. In the world of theater and music


What dream of tourists traveling in Europe? About interesting attractions and opportunities to visit the finest monuments in the region visited. A dream of a place where you can have a good rest and good fun. Good entertainment can travel enthusiasts to ensure Greece, in which no one should complain about boredom. It is a country known for its cafes climates and beautiful music which blends beautifully with contemporary entertainment with tradition. How, then, you can spend your free time?

Meeting with Greek music

In Greece, the tourists – lovers can attend concerts of classical music can also take part in festivals and other cultural events. That way you can explore the beautiful local music. At its present nature influenced by many factors, and experts in folklore can see the influence of both the Western and Eastern culture. Traditional instruments, such as guitars, lutes or tambourine, won today are old melodies. These are among the most popular and Rembetika bouzouki. Greek lands they were brought from Turkey, along with refugees seeking refuge here in the turbulent interwar period. Quickly established themselves in Greek culture, and their first fans have become wealthier residents of Athens. In many places one can hear songs and ballads, which were created in the days of the struggle for independence of Greece and ballads, which involved acts Highlanders – robbers. Concerts of folk bands very often accompanied by screenings of old dances and dancers dressed in costumes to have fun also encourage the audience from around the world.

The most important festivals
Festivals, which are organized in Greece, associated with both the folk tradition, as well as with the ancient culture. You can in the course of not only enjoy the show dance groups, but also see a performance inspired by classic theater. Here one of the most important events is undoubtedly the Festival, which takes place in Athens. Interesting show, inspired by ancient tragedy, you can also enjoy at Delphi. There are redecorated symposiums, whose main theme is the theater of ancient Greece. Dramatists of ancient art can also be seen in Epidaurze, where from June to September, are organized to present to zoom in knowledge about the beginning of a play.

Cafes and climate
For the Greeks, one of the most popular forms of leisure time has long since become a visit to the cafe. These local climate will also encourage its visitors, who is in the cafes can better understand the lives of the inhabitants of this country. During the day, they spend their time in the elderly, in the night, this venue is younger. In Greece, you can spend time in the traditional coffee shops, with limited tables and traditional Greek design, although there are increasing numbers here thoroughly modern premises in which the most important is good fun.

In Greece, you can also take advantage of these pastimes, which are known throughout the world. Look forward and cinema, and numerous discos. Those tourists who do not want to spend time getting to know the more traditional Greek play, surely they will be able to have a good time.


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