Embankment of Slowinski attractions.


Pobrzeże Słowińskie is an attractive area both with respect to the tourism and recreation. You can spend not only a successful holiday, but some succor their health. Reigning on its territory, in particular climate favors to those who frequently bully angina and other conditions associated with upper airway. Favourable climatic conditions are not the only strength of the Slowinski Embankment. On its site you can find many attractive holiday destinations and perfectly adapted to handle tourist resorts. In places where you can have a good rest Embankment? What attractions await you in this area for the guests?

Ustronie Marine – the tourist capital of the Slowinski Embankment
This town is without a doubt the most popular holiday resort in the Slowinski Embankment. This role Ustronie Marine began to play even in the nineteenth century, when the importance of its recreational value. As a result, in the building of a typical fishing village began to appear more numerous villas and guest houses. To this day, one can see many interesting examples of such structures. Marine retreat also tempts beautiful coastal cliff, which, before the attacks of seawater prevents string of wooden breakwaters. There and interesting beach where you can relax from everyday problems.

Summer Retreat near the Sea
Among the places where you can spend your holiday in this part of the Polish, in the region of the Sea Retreat Sianożęty stand out. It’s interesting summer resort, which not so long ago was a simple fishing village. Tourism is also developing successfully in Strzepowie, a village known mainly from the neo-baroque mansion. This interesting palace was built in the nineteenth century, and is surrounded by a beautiful park still looks interesting. Beautiful beach and coastal area, however, are the greatest qualities Mold, which can also be thrilling holiday in beautiful surroundings. This is one of the most peaceful villages in the region of the Retreat, which has not yet reached or mass tourism, nor the associated buzz. For a good rest, you can also count in Gaski, the largest of which is the pride of the nineteenth – century lighthouse. Also tempts Sarbinowo, known from the old building and good conditions for relaxation.
Those who want to spend their holidays by the sea in a typical fishing village, should be interested in the village called Peasants. Here you can get the impression that time has stopped, and the traditional summer resort buildings makes this place special. Plunge at the same time beautiful beach, where you can find amber and a place for a carefree holiday.

Lakeside Jamno
Słowińskie seashore is also known holiday resorts located on the shores of Lake Jamno. In this region very well tourism is growing at such points as Mielno and Unieście. There is a large curiosity Jamno lake itself, which not so long ago was a sea bay. However sands draped caused separation of the basin from the sea, and the result was interesting lake. It is now being frequented by both holidaymakers and anglers. Tourism is growing very well in Mielnie which boasts good infrastructure. You can admire both former summer resort development, or you can relax at a local spa park. Presents an interesting local beach, you can walk along the promenade so comfortable. Good conditions for summer holidays can also be found in nearby Unieście, known for its beaches and fishing port.


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