Discovering the Praque. A visit to Hradčany.


It is an important part of Prague. Seeing its antiquities is a mandatory part of every trip to the capital of the Czech Republic. Hradčany certainly deserves this honor and buildings in its area are well known by the tourists. What attractions can Hradčany be proud of?

Among others, Hradčany is a castle and a cathedral – the most important buildings on the castle hill. It is also a small settlement which began to expand below the castle already in the Middle Ages. Today, the famous Golden Street is a symbol of this settlement, although during a walk through this small part of Prague many different objects and places can be seen – all beautiful and interesting.

Then what absolutely must be seen during the trip to Hradčany?
Among the buildings which are worth seeing on the road to the castle hill is the town hall and impressive stairs leading to it. The palace residences, which are the city’s special ornaments, are also worth visiting. The first interesting palace is the Schwarzenberg Palace from the middle of the XVI century – an interesting building in style of, so called, Czech renaissance. Most of the tourists associate this building not with a powerful family, but more with a headquarters of the Army Museum. It is an interesting place worth seeing during a stay in the capital of the Czech Republic. The second interesting building is the palace of the archbishops of Prague. This magnificent residence was built in the second half of the XVIII century and its representative, rococo facade brings the tourists attention from afar. Many souvenirs from other periods of time can be seen in the interior of this palace because its present form was raised on the fundaments of the older building. One of the most important rooms is the chapel from the end of the XVI century.

Among the sacred monuments, the most important building in Hradčany is the enormous Loretan Church of Lord’s Birth. It took its current form in the XVIII century. A huge amount of chapels and sculptures makes it difficult for some people to believe that, in the XVII century, there was only one, pretty modest chapel in the place of the present sanctuary.

The Prague’s Loreta is a great monument and an interesting example of the baroque style. For those who are interested in sacred art, the visit to monastery in Strahowo can be a great experience. Its history reaches the middle of the XII century and there are, among others, two temples in the complex. The biggest pride of the monastery is the library which can amaze with its collection of books as well as the fantastic interior.

The Prague Castle and St. Vitus cathedral are the most famous monuments in Czech Republic as well as the symbols of Prague. Seeing them is a mandatory thing on every sightseeing party’s list. The same is with the visit to the new royal palace and walking through the Matthew Gate. These are beautiful objects which reminds us about the previous history not only of Prague, but also the whole Czech Republic. The cathedral amazes with its beautiful stained glass windows and magnificent chapels and because of its form, it is one of the most beautiful examples of the medieval sacred architecture in all of Czech Republic. The cathedral treasury also has a great recognition. In there, you can see a unique collection of old liturgical equipment and sacred antiquities. This collection is believed to be one of the most important and precious in the whole Europe.

However, the most interesting and amazing place in Hradčany remains the street where modest, inconspicuous houses are raised. It is the Golden Street – a place which is associated with goldsmiths, alchemists and sorcerers. Today, this street is a unique museum in an open air. The legends connected to it make it seem fascinating to the lovers of mysterious stories. It can amaze those tourists who value special places tempting with a magical atmosphere and a historical character.

Prague and its glorious monuments can enchant anyone. Thanks to this magnificent city, the Czech Republic experienced a growing number of tourists. Today, almost every travel agency organizes trips to that area and Prague is an important point in their program. Surely, it is good to visit this city and get to know its most beautiful places. Hradčany, with its splendid monuments and the pearls of Prague’s architecture waiting for the tourists, are also in this group.


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