Dangerous Food Connection – what with being not combinable.


I guess there is no one who does not know the popular saying “you are what you eat”. However, not everyone knows that our health is affected not only what we eat, but also how we eat, specifically what products combine in one meal. As it turns out, the issue of food joints is crucial not only for our appearance and health, but sometimes even their lives. So let’s look at the connections to be avoided:

1. Red meat + wine

The famous combination of red meat and wine can taste goes well, but it certainly does not work for the benefit of our health. Red meat is a valuable source of iron. However, rich in tannin wine hampers, and in extreme cases even impossible, to our body to absorb iron contained in meat. It is known that iron deficiency can lead to anemia. Not wanting to get sick, you should limit the combination of red meat with wine, or even better – give it up completely.

2. Potatoes + butter

Although potatoes are a low-calorie product, and a teaspoon of butter does not constitute a powerful bomb caloric, the combination of these two components can contribute to the growth of our body weight. This is because the potato is a vegetable, with high glycemic index. That is to say, that after consuming potatoes glucose levels in our body is rapidly increasing. In addition, our fat cells are mobilized to accumulate fat. Butter, as a source of saturated fat in combination with potatoes thus hangs in the body as fat much faster than in connection with vegetable low glycemic index.

3. Fish oil +

“Eat fish every day,” – say the famous advertising slogans. And there is nothing wrong with this, provided that they do not fry it in oil. Fish and fish products are an excellent source of omega 3 oil, especially sunflower, in turn, is rich in omega 6 fatty acid, which neutralize the positive effects of the former. So if a fish, it is best steamed or grilled!

4. Tomato / pepper & cucumber

Tomato, pepper and parsley is a real bomb of vitamin C. However, nothing seems to us eating any of these vegetables, if you combine them with cucumber. Askorbinaza contained therein effectively oxidized vitamin C, or simply put – he kills her. There is nothing wrong in eating cucumbers, which are indeed extremely low in calories, but absolutely not in association with products rich in ascorbic acid.

5. Tomato + curd

Perhaps this is a good combination of flavors, but certainly not health. After the merger acids contained in tomato with calcium, which is rich in cottage cheese, we can expect burdensome arthralgia, lasting up to several days. So it is better for your own comfort beware of this connection.

6. Tea + yeast pastries

More expensive in many varieties of bread, is a valuable source of vitamin B1, which is marking affects our well-being. Unfortunately, in combination with the aluminum contained in this vitamin tea is partially destroyed, and in the case of strong brew even total degeneration. Let us drink a weaker brew at a second breakfast or afternoon tea, and even better to cancel the call tea + yeast pastries.

7. Cruciferous vegetables + iodized salt

If we want to provide our body with iodine Solace vegetables such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower, it’s this. These vegetables are rich in goitrogeny, or the materials hindering the absorption of iodine into the body. Condolence may be, however, that can be partially goitrogen get rid of brassica vegetables, cooking them uncovered.

8. Coffee / tea + dairy

Contained in coffee and tea, oxalic acid combines with calcium present in dairy products. As a result, a dangerous form oxalates, which are deposited in the form of urinary stones in our urinary tract. So not wanting to be the cause of unpleasant symptoms, it is better not to risk it and do not combine coffee / tea with dairy products.

9. + Lemon tea

Call one of the worst that we can treat your body is tea with lemon, which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. How is this possible when the tea is still a source of valuable minerals and lemon is a powerful dose of vitamin C? This is due to the fact that the aluminum is included under the influence of leaf tea with lemon juice is converted into harmful to your health aluminum citrate. You can avoid this by adding lemon to tea after the liner from a glass capsule, ie, after the removal of the tea leaves.

10. Coprinus common + alcohol

Here is a link that can even kill! Alcohol cuts proteins characteristic of fungi, making it becomes extremely difficult to digest. It is, however, nothing in the combination of alcohol with fungus called Coprinus common that most often leads to death. This fungus because it contains a toxin that prevents the breakdown of alcohol. As a result, human body is a violent reaction, which most often end in death. Let’s be careful not under any circumstances combine these two products!


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