Budapest. Spas that will delight everyone


Many of us during our tour of the Hungarian capital forgets that Budapest is not only a major city, but also the finest spa, which can boast of Hungary. While wandering around Budapest, therefore, you can not ignore these sites, which are known as a place for recreation, relaxation and healing treatments. Budapest is a city where you can see the finest baths in Europe. What you should know about them? Which of them it is necessary to pay attention to?

The history of spas
As a spa Buda was noticed already in ancient times. Extraordinary power of local waters appreciated Greeks first, and then – the Romans. Nearby medicinal springs have emerged during the Middle Ages hospitals where care of patients exercised Hospitallers. At the time, depending on the Turkish baths have become a common element in the landscape of the city. This was a result of religious and cultural traditions. And although Budapest as a health resort “officially” been operating since 1934 is the healing properties of its waters and its use have a much longer tradition. Baths and treatment centers today in the city play a very important role. In Budapest, can now benefit from treatments that help in the fight against arthritis and check in the fight against gynecological problems.

Outdoor swimming pools and spas, which is the biggest attractions of the spa
Of all the baths, which can make us admire this amazing spa, swimming Gellarta deserves special attention. In the place where the fastest appreciated the remarkable properties of mineral water, now await the beautiful swimming pools and artificial wave. All this in a unique setting. The second important swimming is swimming St. Luke, founded in a place where there was a hospital in the Middle Ages St. Luke. Although during the local Turkish baths declined in importance, as early as the end of the nineteenth century belonged to the most important places on the map of Budapest spa. Despite the huge popularity, it may surprise some swimming intimate atmosphere and an unusual calm. As a result, baths are valued by those who want to relax the unique scenery from everyday problems. It should also be interested in other public swimming pool, which was founded in Pest. It Szechenyi Baths, which was completed just before the outbreak of the First World War. This swimming pool can admire its Baroque character and a thermal source, whose power was recognized as early as the mid-nineteenth century. During the tour of Budapest and the most beautiful baths should also visit the Royal Baths (which, contrary to appearances, has never been owned by the royal family). These can admire an octagonal pool over which is a complete dome dormers. The nature of the bath is best highlights the fact that its construction began in the Turkish period. The unique style and good conditions for rest can be found here now anyone who dreams of a medicinal bath in a unique setting.

The blend of beautiful edifices and wonderful surroundings, tempting warm waters with healing properties. Baths, which in Budapest is nearly 50, can certainly impress. They are an important element of the urban landscape and note that Budapest is a spa unique.


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