Beskid attractions in Poland. Dobczyce


Attractions of Beskides – Dobczyce

Dobczyce – one of the most interesting cities which are worth seeing during the trips to the Cracow’s neighborhood. It is one of the more beautiful places which can draw the tourists’ attention in the Beskid Makowski. Dobczyce, a peaceful town known from its artificial lake and a castle, is often visited by the tourists not without a reason.

What is worth knowing about Dobczyce? What tourist attractions deserve our special attention there?
Dobczyce, placed in the Raba valley, is one of the most interesting cities in the area of the absorbing, however little known, Beskid Makowski. It is only 30 kilometers from Cracow, so people there cannot complain about the lack of tourists. The local castle is often visited and the shore of the Dobczyckie Lake is a perfect place for a walk.

Because of its location near the important trading routs, which connect Myślenice, Wieliczka and Cracow, Dobczyce acquired its city privileges relatively quickly. It was given to the city by the king Kazimierz Wielki himself who has appreciated its strategic location. Moreover, Kazimierz Wielki reconstructed the local stronghold, making a magnificent castle from it. It was meant to be an extra security for nearby Cracow. Nowadays, this castle is the biggest attraction of the city and a magnet which draws many tourist trips. It was next to this castle where a settlement, which has had an appearance of a small town already in the beginning of the XIII century, was built. The preserved remains of the defensive walls, which were built in the years of his ruling and were supposed to provide safety to the citizens, are a reminiscence of Kazimierz Wielki.

Dobczyce had its “golden period” in the XVI and XVII century. The Swedish Deluge and difficult beginnings of the XVIII century caused that the local castle lost its significance. Today, Dobczyce profit mainly thanks to the tourism which develops really well here thanks to the natural qualities of this city. Beautiful views, touring aspect and a favorable climate encourage the tourists to visit the area gladly.

The most important attraction of this city is located on the Castle Mountain. It is the remains of the stronghold built in the times of Kazimierz Wielki. It was reconstructed in the XVI century by the next lords of this land – Lubomirscy. From the castle’s interior you can admire beautiful views of the lake as well as of the nearby mountain ranges. Beskid Makowski presents itself beautifully and Beskid Wyspowy is also well seen from there. The reconstructed part of the lower castle, where the Regional Museum is currently located, is a huge attraction. Its exhibits are mainly related to the archeology and the history of Dobczyce as well as the closest neighborhood of the city. A heritage park, which was built by the castle, is a common destination for trips from Cracow and its area. In there, we can see many antiquities of the folk architecture from the area of Wielickie Foothills.

In the center of the city, you should pay attention to the quite well preserved fragments of the city walls as well as to the Parish Church from the beginning of the XIX century. In there, you can admire much older antiquities of the sacred art, for example the sculpture of Christ from the XV century. Another interesting church with a valuable interior is located nearby the city’s market.

The tourism is very profitable here. Having the tourists in mind, many interesting hiking trails were made in the area of Dobczyce. This city is a good starting point for a hike to Lubomir and Łysina mountain ranges. Also, an interesting trail lead through the Castle Mountain to the Łysina’s peak. The tourism management in the area of the city is also improving. Agrotouristics is getting better, so


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