Attractions Opole Silesia in Poland


Attractions of Opole Silesia

Although it is often overlooked by tourists, it can still amaze with beautiful cities and amazing architectural monuments. There are many places of important historical events as well as places that can charm with their idyllic character. Opole Silesia is a wonderland for people who want to connect their trips around Poland with developing historical knowledge. What cities are worthy of attention here? Where should you stay longer?
A visit to Opole

As you would expect of the capital of the voivodeship, Opole has many beautiful buildings. Piastowska Tower and amazing, gothic cathedral are well-known. You may as well be astounded by the city hall as well as the monastery complex of the Franciscans. The “Venice” in Opole or splendid zoo are another attractions awaiting people who would come to visit the city. It is also worth adding to your itinerary the district of Bierkowice where an interesting heritage park can be visited. It is Muzeum Wsi Opolskiej (The Museum of Opole Villages), where you can find the most fascinating cottages and farm buildings from the villages in the vicinity.

Brzeg: the pearls of the renaissance architecture.
There are many valuable monuments also in Brzeg. Of special significance is the church of St. Nicolas where you can admire the pieces of medieval polychrome. The most fascinating monuments, however, are the ones which gained their form in the time of renaissance. The beautiful Castle of Silesian Piasts or the city hall with gorgeous interior are one of the most beautiful examples of renaissance architecture in the Opole voivodeship.

Pearls of wooden architecture.
While wandering around the Opole land, you can find countless examples of wooden architecture. One of the most interesting examples is the church of St. Anne in Czarnowąsy. In Strzelce Opolskie there is a wonderful baroque church of St. Barbara, and in Olesno you can find a magnificent temple built on a unique plan.

Entertainment and recreation
On the territory of Opole Silesia there are many places of entertainment and recreation. The most worthy of attention is Turawa Lakes, located about 14 km from Opole. Turawa Lake, the largest of them, originated in the 1930s because the Mała Panew river dammed up. Today, there are many bathing places at its shores. There are also places to rent the water equipment. Nyskie and Otmuchowskie Lakes are another reservoirs that bring along the lovers or water equipment and relaxation on the beach. There were created in the Nysa Kłodzka river and they offer not only recreational qualities but also beautiful views. You can already admire Sudets mountain range from here because they are not far from those known and popular places.

Another perfect place to wander around the Opole Silesia is the vicinity of St Anne Mountain. It is quite easy for accommodation in these places and the neighbourhood is thought to be very attractive. Good communication and dense road and bicycle network let you go across the territory of the voivodeship and discovering its most interesting places. Opole land is a very attractive land and you can learn about it quite quickly if you visit it and stay a bit longer.


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