A visit to Świebodzice


With a visit to Świebodzice

Lower Silesia is an unusual land where Sudetes are its most glorious piece of land. Not without a reason. This mountain range can amaze with its ranges and peaks, beetween which many special towns are placed. Sudets are often visited by the tourist groups, not only because of the beautiful hills, but also because of the magnificent valleys full of unique towns.

One of them is Świebodzice
A city little forgotten by the tourists, but charming nevertheless. The mentions of Świebodzice already appeared in the documents from the XIII century. It is known that in that time this town had already profited from the trade routs which were nearby. In the medieval times, the trade was developing very well and the middle-class couldn’t complain about their income. In the XIX the industry began to flourish here. Linen factory was located here and a big mechanical spinning-mill started its enterprise in the 1830s. Textile industry became the base of the local economy, however it was not the only aspect that was important for the city. Świebodzice was also known for the production of clocks, one of them – made in the XIX century – still decorates the city post office. Nowadays, Świebodzice tempts with good location and fine architecture. There are many tourists attraction here but which one of them are worth a little bit more of attention?
The city trip should be started in the city square. A magnificent city hall and range of old tenaments can be seen here. Most of the tenaments were build during the period when the city flourished and developed, that is between the XVIII and XIX century. Today, each of those buildings is a valuable reminiscent of those times and a decoration of the city as well. They are relatively young monuments, however people who prefer older monuments can also find something for themselves. What are the pieces of architecture that can astonish medieval art lovers? Well, the main attraction should be part of old city walls that were preserved until now in the south-west part of the city.
Saint Nicholas’ church is one of the older buildings that are worth attention. Its shape is a perfect example of the influences of Gothic architecture. Saint Anne church, a romanian temple, is also a fine monument. One can see the defensive features of its architecture clearly. It is known that the temple was build in the XII century and was very important for Świebodzice in the medieval times. While visiting Świebodzice, one must visit Saint Francis’ church. This splendid sacral monument was built in the XIII century, to replace a wooden church destroyed by Tatars’ attacks. Today, Saint Francis’ church is thought to be one of the oldest temples in this part of Lower Silesia. The enthusiasts of mysterious stories will find many of those in the vicinity. There are many conciliation crosses which were put here in the medieval times as a part of the penance of the sinners. Today, each of such crosses is a priceless monument.

Świebodzice, a city of medieval and baroque buildings, certainly deserve some attention from the tourists. It is worth visiting the city while travelling to Sudetes, even for a while. The memories from


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